The Spark


Using your own experience as a springboard, researching new information and making stories out of it

Spot the Plot


Basic techniques of plotting a story and how to create story arcs, storyboards

Mad, Murky and Moody


Bringing character, mood, emotions and place to life. Exploring a wide range of words to create meaning.


Character Passport

Illustration as part of story - building a character, developing plot

cwisl copy pencils signed dictionary newspaper workshops

At the festival all students and teachers are put into one of four teams

The teams are named after the big cats:

Lion, Tiger, Leopard and Panther.

Which one are you?










LeopardRoom copy copy LionRoom PantherRoom TigerRoom 2013 ShoutSouth!

'...if I could do it again I would. I wish we could do it every Thursday and Friday.'