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The workshop leaders for the Tigers were authors

Lydia Syson, Gillian Cross, Margaret Bateson-Hill and illustrator Ann-Marie Perks

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Big Cat

by Kyra, The Elmgreen School

DSCN1033 modelling sketching Working with Lydia Moleka Kyra working bessemer Grange 2 working Thinking planning

Thinking, planning, writing, making

Kaechan, Bessemer Grange Primary School

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by Jordan - Battersea Park Secondary School


What was that?  I hear it again, and know for sure, someone’s at the  

door. I look outside my little circle window and frown at the dark blue  

sky and stars shining.  Who on earth could be at the door at this time of night?  It was cold and lonely when I ran through our long halfway,

down the stairs and to the door where this visitor awaited.  

‘Open up!’

An impatient, deep voice. I begin to sweat, and doubt whether to open it or not?  Obviously my guest wasn’t moving anytime soon, so I puffed out my chest and put my brave face on.  I opened the door and all the confidence fled from my body.  I stood there like a lost little girl waiting for my mother.   There stood two tall men holding a beaten-up, bruised, lifeless ... Dylan!?

Automatically I collapsed to the floor and held his pale, shivering hand.

I could barely look at him no longer.   What happened?

Who could have been so cruel to the boy I’d fallen for?

Was it my fault?

Did I do this to him?


by Dylan - Bessamer Grange Primary School


Rulch walked down the stone stairs towards the weapons chamber

with his fellow dwarves.  He stared open mouthed at the amount of swords,  shields and diamond-rimmed armour.  

‘Crikey, haven’t seen so much riches since the old times,’ murmured  Tras. After two hours the 1500 dwarves were ready for battle. They  walked a steady march out of their colossal city.  Chanting the same words: ‘May the dwarves’ war god send us luck! May Mumaslea help us along the way!’ As they saw their enemy approaching, their chief barked: ‘Horsemen assemble.’ As swords and shields clashed Calder  was behind enemy lines and setting off a bomb.  

‘Dammit!’ cried Rulch to hiscompanion Leidonere, ‘The ogres are  

coming up behind us.’

‘Look intruders!’ screeched the ugly pale-faced ogre. Meanwhile back  at the war on the outskirts of the dwarven palace, trolls were taking over.


‘Ahhhhgh,’ srceamed dwarves and elves as they were catapulted away by terrible ugly stupid trolls. As for Rulch and his companion, they were hurtling around the dirty corridors with a mob of horrifying  goblins and ogres behind him. As they approached a corner they bumped into a Dark Lord.

Murahan!’ roared the Dark Lord, ‘We’ve got you now.’ Just as the Dark Lord Evilmere said that, a bunch of red ogres hurtled around the corner A wicked smile spread across the Dark Lord’s face and the next  thing Rulch and his companion saw was darkness.


When Rulch and Leldonere woke up they were in a prison cell.  The

thing with being in this exact prison is that you starve.  No-one gives  you any food.  Meanwhile the dwarves were losing the battle  

miserably. There were dwarf corpses everywhere. There were only a  few hundred dwarves left and around one thousand trolls and ogres left.    


Back at the goblin base camp, Rulch and his companion had escaped, and trampling their easy security. ‘Look, we need to get into the guard room and get the key!’ Lieidonere picked a fine bow from the dead goblin and shot the surprised security ogre from behind the door. They stole his old keys and let out all the dwarves and elves from their prisons.  ‘Thank you!’ they cried. They gave them bows and arrow and swords and shields and led themto battle.   After they defeated the goblin base they joined on their huge army of prisoners to the little left of the Dwarven army and led victory to the elves and dwarves on earth.

The Wolf Court

By Bernice - Battersea Park Secondary School


I was ready now. The day of the funeral had arrived. Why did this have to happen to me? All dressed in black, the world court paraded down towards the grass where the funeral would be held. I don’t know if I could do this. Everyone one was counting on me to give a heart-warming speech, but all I wanted to do was break down. I could see the stage now coming closer and closer. My time was up. Time to give my speech. I slowly, surely and silently walked up onto the stage. With a thousand glowing eyes on me I began the first speech of my life.


‘My father was a noble king.  He was always fair and never made wrong choices. You were never punished without reason, and if you were punished you didn’t deserve to be in our kingdom anyway. My father was always there for me, and he was very loving towards me.  He.... he...’I couldn’t continue anymore. It was too much. I fled from the stage.  I fled from the people. I fled from my father. I don’t know how long I ran  for, but I just knew that I arrived at the palace. Cold and lonely I sat in  my room with thousands of thoughts going through my head. It was hours before I heard people come into the house.  I braced myself for  the whispers and the pitying stares, but instead what I got surprised me more than anything.


I Got Asked To Be Queen.


I couldn’t think.  I couldn’t hear.  I couldn’t breathe. A crowd of

thousands was waiting for me to make an appearance. I was only 16 and already so much responsibility was placed on me. The royal adviser looked pale and worried. He was chattering away so quickly that I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I looked around me for something to calm my nerves - the deep purple of the curtains. It was working, until I saw a crack of light. I know I didn’t want to look there, but couldn’t tear my eyes away. Ever so slowly, my eyes adjusted to the harsh light outside the curtains, and I saw face after face of my loyal subjects.  I breathed in deeply. Straight away the musky smell of wolves - my wolves - assailed my nose.  

Raw meat had my mouth watering.  My wolves were hungry, not just for food. Okay, deep breaths, I can do this, they love me, right? One step, my wolves were howling. Two steps, my wolves were chattering. Three steps, my wolves went mad.  I was finally their queen.

Opening Soon

by Ruby - Bessemer Grange Primary School


Ana the Superwoman, who lives in New York City, got called while  

she is stretching by Obama who is saying that Ludo is up to no good

again. Obama explains that  through his telescope he can see Ludo at  

the top of the Statue of Liberty freezing the sun.  

At the top of the Statue of Liberty Ludo can feel the sun burning his

face. He can see a big ball of fire blinding his eyes.  He feels brave -

brave enough to freeze the sun with his freeze rays.


 Hero’s Mission

Ana finds Ludo on the Statue of Liberty with his attempt to freeze

the sun. She tries to get him to stop but  Ludo refuses to leave the

sun alone.  Ana can now sense the same thing that Ludo is sensing.  

Ana can feel the sun burning her face.She can see a big ball of fire

blinding her eyes. She also feels brave because she is brave enough

to stop Ludo from freezing the sun.  Ludo is very powerful.

Mamo Finding a Home

By  Ludo, Bessemer Grange Primary School


The chameleon named Mamo wandered through the creepy rainforest trying to find a home. His ideal home was a tree blossoming, yet in the middle of Africa in the cold season, this wasn’t going to happen.  He had nearly gone through the whole forest, every tree, when he finally found one that gripped his attention. All it was was a white tree but somehow  he crawled towards it.   There seemed to be a magnificent glow to it, so he crawled up.


As soon as his scaly skin touched the strong tree, it seemed to have the power to make him think evilly....   Cruel power surged through him, giving him the weird glow the tree had. On the back of this spooky tree, a black-marked skull had been carved showing a sign of evil.   The skull looked scary even though it looked like a cartoon one.  It seemed to be carved with a sharp knife.  Maybe it was a warning not to touch the tree, but Mamo paid no attention. The tree had no blossom on it, but the power and magic of the evil tree took the chameleon’s breath away.


The evil Mamo’s power, he found, was that he could control all living

animals’ brains.  Also, which was pretty useful, he could speak English. So without thinking he designed his plan to take over the world. But first, lunch. He tasted a few flies which were extremely fat.   They felt horrible on his tongue.   His idea of taking over the world was genius.


Back in the world of humans, all rulers of countries got the same letter, which was:


Dear rulers,

I have decided to create a plan to take over the world.  If I can beat the Queen of England at chess the world is mine.  If the Queen wins, you can keep the world,


The Magic Chameleon


So it was settled. On the next day the Queen and the Chameleon had a  game of chess. In three goes, the Queen won, seeing as the chameleon, Mamo had never played before. The chameleon threat was no longer, and everyone carried on in their normal lives.

The Pirate, the Zebra and the Minions

By Zack - Bessemer Grange Primary School


Ben was bored and he had to defeat the pirate, the zebra  

and the minions. He thought slowly, so slowly that ten

minutes later he had a plan. He heard the pirate’s cackle, the

minions’ chatter, and of course, the zebra’s farts.  He smelt

them, too. He ran forwards. He ran and ran until he saw the

pirate. Ben looked around, observing, until he saw a football.  

He walked and suddenly took a run up and chipped the ball

with intense power and accuracy. Smack! It hit the pirate on

the forehead. He wasn’t going to be bothered by him in a

long time. Now for the zebra. Again Ben went towards the

bad guys. This time the zebra was the target. He took a

different approach to this - a stealthy way.  He knew the

zebra had an acute sense of smell.  Finally he got there.  He

saw the zebra eating people’s snacks and approached him

slowly, very slowly.   Now he was face to face with a zebra

who unfortunately was showing lots of hatred and  

aggression. Now he had to put his plan into action. Slowly

he reached into his bag and pulled out some Jaffa cakes.  

The zebra farted with laughter and said: ‘What type of

weapon is that?’  Ben quickly opened the pack and took out a

Jaffa. All he needed. He fed the zebra one Jaffa and soon the

zebra said with a sleepy voice: ‘I love... Jaffa. Please more.’  

Suddenly the zebra fell asleep. Then he was reminded by the  

chatter of a minion. He felt the rough bars of the zoo. Then

he had an idea. He ran and ran until he intercepted the

minions and then ran off. The minions followed. (That’s what

minions do!) The minions were chasing and Ben was running

until he came to the zoo. He stood behind an open cage and

the minions ran into the cage and the cage door shut with a

CLANG!  Ben had won. He defeated all the bad guys. Now he will just carry on normal life.

The Story Behind the Emerald Frame

by Moleka - The Elmgreen School



I am old now and my years of determinedly searching for my real parents are finally over, as my death approaches. This is the first time I’ve written in my parents’ journal that I found. In the journal I plan to write down my whole life, from where I remember it, accounting my search for my parents finally, even though I have not found them to this day. I’m in hospital now. I’d find it more peaceful to die here. Wow, I’ve only written a paragraph and already feel as if my old hands cannot take any more writing. But I will continue...


Chapter 1

This is where it begins. I was a normal teenage girl living in a normal house with my parents, or so I thought. I won’t go on too much about the boring stuff; I’ll start with when I found the picture of my real parents.  I was just cleaning my room, as one of my normal chores, so I wasn’t sure why I had never found it before. It was a picture of two adults that I vaguely recognised. I was tempted to put it away somewhere and continue cleaning, but the sparkling emerald encrusted frame drew me instantly in. I stared at it, stared at the adults’ familiar faces before putting it on my dresser and staring into my mirror. Wow, our faces were so similar!  Were we related?  I grabbed the picture and went downstairs.

‘Mum, Dad, who are these people?’ I remembered saying.  They said nothing, just stared at the picture, mouths open. Mum had snatched the picture from me, and I still remember the sharp stab of pain as a jagged piece of emerald cut my finger when she abruptly took it.

‘Oh, darling, I’m so sorry, let me put this away, they’re just relatives of yours, have no idea why that’s in your room.’ She had said that using loving words, but her voice seemed far away, distant. There had been silence as we stood, the silence being broken by the sound of a drop of my blood dripping onto the hardwood floor.

‘Martyn, go and get Filischa a plaster,’ my mum had snapped, almost shouting at my dad. He ran into the kitchen and my mum had started to unlock the forbidden cupboard. I’d always wanted to know what was in the forbidden cupboard. What was in there?  One day I was going to find out. Not that I knew of course...

So that’s the first part of my life as I remember it. I only started from my teenage years because that’s where I remember it. Weird, right? So that’s how it started.  That’s how the story behind the emerald frame began to be revealed...


Chapter 2

So, for a while I was extremely suspicious and my curiosity began to grow.  For some unknown reason I needed to see the picture again. I was scheming more than I’d ever dared, scheming against my parents. I’d get into that cupboard.  I’d know what was in there. Finally, I know where my mum keeps the key.  I can get it. With another key from here, of course. They were going to go out soon, and my chance had come round.

‘Mum, where are the keys to unlock the key box? The garage isn’t locked properly,’ I had shouted from upstairs. She threw them up the stairs and they landed on the step that was below me. I picked them up and unlocked the key box, getting the garage and the cupboard key out. I slipped the cupboard key into my pocket and threw my mum’s keys downstairs. ‘Thanks, bye,’ I had shouted down the stairs.

‘Bye, hun, no problem.  Be back later.’

As soon as I heard the door slam, I ran to the cupboard door, no hesitation.   As soon as I was in front of the door, however, I listened intently, scared of being discovered.

I was standing in front of the door. I had the key and every chance to walk through this door and into the cupboard. It was my chance, I had to do it. My parents were out, and I finally had the chance. I needed answers. No, I was lying to myself, I really wanted to see the picture again. Anyway, why would a cupboard be forbidden to enter?  I was going to chicken out if I kept on doubting myself. I had grabbed the cold, heavy brass key from my pocket and I still remembered the smoothness interrupted by jagged edges of the key. I had pulled it out, stared at the shiny bronze for what seemed like forever, bracing the jagged lines. I was going to run out of time and I would hear the front door click and my mum come in. I remembered feeling a shiver down my spine and looked all around me, suddenly paranoid, training my ears for any sign of the front door being unlocked.

‘Oh, come on, you’re wasting your time,’ I remembered feeling like I’d gone made, speaking to myself. I felt like the key weighed a ton in my hand. I slipped it into the lock, my hands shaking. Before I could draw the key back out the room and run back upstairs, terrified, I turned the key and heard a satisfying click.  I lay my hand around the door handle, afraid of what lay inside the cupboard.  I pressed the door handle down, and closed by eyes. The door was open, and a room, not a cupboard, was before my eyes.

And that’s how I found the room. That’s how I found out.


by Kyra, The Elmgreen School


I was standing in front of the door.  I had the key and every chance to walk though this door and into the cupboard.  It was my chance,  I had to do it.   My parents (if they were even my parents) were out right now and I had snatched the key from my dad’s back pocket as they left.  I needed answers.   Who were those mysterious adults in the picture in my bedroom?  Why would a cupboard be locked and forbidden to enter?  Yes, I would do it.   Today was the last chance.  I grabbed the cold, heavy brass key in my pocket and pulled it out, staring at it.  I had to hurry up.   They would be back soon and my chance would be lost.   I looked all around me, suddenly paranoid, straining my ears for any sign of the front door being unlocked.

‘Oh come on, you’re wasting your time.’

Now I’ve gone mad.  I’m talking to myself.  Great.  I lifted the key in my hand, feelings as if it weighed a tone.  I slipped it into the lock, the key reluctant to go in.  I froze.  Was this really the best idea?   Before I could let doubt take over me I turned the key in the lock and heard a satisfying click.  I lay my hand around the door handle, afraid to press it down and finally walk in.

‘Here goes.’

Talking to myself again.  Oh well.  I’d pressed the door handle down now and the door was open.  But not a cupboard, a room was in front of me.

I took my first step into the room that I had not known existed in my house in all my years.   There were patches if beige, must-smelling dust-covered carpets.

Rounded square


by Kaechan, Bessemer Grange Primary School


Once upon a time there lived a crooked nosed vampire who was aged 203 years of age.  This vampire was named James Collin and he lived in Jamaica.   So far Jamaica's temperature was 175 degrees.   Because James Collin was a vampire he smelt like death by man.  His favourite food was blood and his favourite drink was blood as well.   One day the vampire was getting into his vampire suit and was ready for his dinner.   After he had his delicious dinner he saw this new death bar across the road when he was going home.  'I'm going to try out this death bar,wait a minute there's a sign that says his bar is for vampires and zombies only, oh no I was going to invite my goblin friend well I can't now, I'll just enter the place with a grin on my face'.  James gracefully whispered to himself.   When Mr Collin entered the death bar a zombie named Tucky asked him if he wanted to be friends.  James said yes.


to be continued

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by Maria, The Elmgreen School


This damn radio.  How long does it take to tune in with a war broadcast?  Lea is busy messing around with her sewing and Xavier is trying to tease her.  In my head the only thing I can hear is ‘Ha ha, you’re such a baby,’ retorted by ‘Go away.’   This carries on for several minutes until the frustration of the radio and the arguing gets to me.   ‘Shut up, all of you!’    They look at me slightly shocked at my outburst.  ‘Lea, go wash the dishes.  Xavier go and set the table.’

At last, peace and quiet.   I start twiddling with the knobs, not knowing what I was doing.   All of a sudden the radio stopped being static and switched.   This voice was clear though not understandable.   The accent brought up memories from my past.   The two children came running in, terrified at the sound.   Xavier seems shaken.   ‘That’s... that’s German,’

‘I know,’ I say in a slightly patronising voice.


to be continued

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by Solomon, The Elmgreen School


Upon turning the corner in confusion I find my road where my home is, or if it is still there.  The road was in total ruin, lamp-posts lay everywhere, windows were shattered, cars melted and roofs broken.   The sky still remained, its orange colour and then I realised I was not alone, there was someone else out there in the exact same situation as me.  I start to feel sick and ill.  I start to tread backwards in confusion and fear, until my foot landed on something with a metallic clang, but the squish of flesh.  I turn around and quickly move my foot off whatever wasbheind me to find lying there a corpse.   Blood was everywhere, the corpse’s body was ripped open and unusual things like wire, gears and springs, his eyes remained white and his short hair had faded to grey.  I had no time to react before I hear a rustling behind me.  I turn, hoping to find whatever had killed this man in such a brutal way.  I see metres away from me a child, I estimated around 15 years old in his age.  He was only wearing his trousers with his chest bare, he seemed fairly muscular but covered in scars.


to be continued

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by Akwasi, Battersea Park School


Tim jumped up on Swift, his noble stallion and galloped across the plains with Nalene, his companion, behind him as Twinkle the wolf followed on.   They were on a quest to stop Merlal the evil wizard from taking over Taramid and killing Tim’s parents.    

Suddenly something broke into his thoughts.

‘Tim, LOOK OUT!!!’ screamed Nalene.

Then something smashed into Tim’s chest with so much force he flew right over Nalene and smashed into the ground.

‘TIM, TIM!!!’

Then he heard a too familiar cackle before everything blacked out.

‘Tim, wake up, WAKE UP!!!’ yelled Nalene.

As Tim opened his eyes he screamed because below him were about 50,000 beasts thumping their chests and screaming and jumping up and letting out a reeking smell which could’ve knocked Tim out.   He looked up and saw two ropes. Suspended next to him, with his legs tied up, was Nalene smiling.  

‘Well, you’re kindly awake,’ cackled Merlal.

‘Merlal,’ said Tim through gritted teeth.

‘You really thought you could stop me,’ croaked the wizard.  ‘A prince that gets everything he wants and a girl.’  He chuckled.  ‘Think again.’

As he finished that sentence, the monsters came up to meet them but he realised they were falling.

‘Foner,’ shouted Tim, touching Foner’s amulet on his shield.

A huge roar broke over them and down flew the black dragon.  Tim met the dragon on the quest.   He had defeated him and had the choice to end his life or not.  He said no and Foner had joined him.


to be continued