Thank you

A huge and special thank you to London South Bank University, to the LSBU team, Karine,Alison, Ken, Lacarna and Ladan - not forgetting the staff on the door.

And to Mark Ellis who said'yes!'

Thank you to Ryman who donated a voucher for our stationary which made all the children's writing and illustration possible.

We are very grateful for Ryman's continuing support over two festivals - and to our contact there - Sarah Cheetham.

A festival doesn't happen on its own, but only because of the dedicated hardwork of people behind the scenes. The authors and illustrators of ShoutSouth!and CWISL would like to express their thanks to the following organisations and people.

Cwisl Logo- Leaflet ShoutSouth TigerRoom PantherRoom LionRoom LeopardRoom copy copy

Thank you to the Miles Trust for their generous donation and support

And where would our festival have been without our amazing publicist Andrea Reece? A very big thank you to Andrea for putting us 'out there.'

Another huge and special thank you to our festival project manager Kate Birch and her team, Aimee, Harrison and Emma, who were always on hand and ready to help whenever we needed them!


Thank you to Guy Davison for his generous donation and support

ShoutSouth! would like to offer huge thanks to Morrison's of Walworth Road, Southwark, for their generous donation of food for the party on the last day of the festival and in particular, Mr Ivan Szavo, in charge of Donations, for his unfailing courtesy and help throughout.


ShoutSouth! would also very much like to thank Tesco South of Dunton Road, Southwark, and Miss Viviana Nabal, their Community Champion, for a food voucher.


The food was greatly appreciated by the children (and by some of their parents as well!. 



P1040799_2 141__Rymans__0_9276 2013 ShoutSouth!

'...I like how you gave us great ideas and helped us with story structure.'