Q and A ... Sarah Mussi

Q: What did you want to be when you were a child?

A: An explorer


Q: What are you afraid of?

A: Confrontation


Q: What’s your favourite colour?

A: Turquoise


Q: What is your favourite possession?

A: Don’t have one


Q: How long have you been a writer?

A: For twenty years


Q: Do you write by hand or on the computer?

A: Computer


Q: Which of your characters do you most identify with?

A: I identify with all of my characters up to a point!


Q: Where do you get your greatest ideas from?

A: Life


Q: What sort of books do you write?

A: Action adventure


Q: Which writers/illustrators would you have on your dream team and why?

A:Antony Horowitz – he’s great


Q: I loved writing this bit....

A: where Zac goes in a canoe across the surf in the Door of No Return


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