The workshop leaders for the Panthers  were authors,

Mo O'Hara, Sarah Mussi, Patricia Elliott and illustrator, Gillian McClure

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 by Anna,  Michael Faraday  Primary School

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by Annika,  St Martin's in the Fields High School


It was dark.

My body froze. One by one the hairs on my face and arms went  

dead straight.

I could feel the breeze. It wasn't a good breeze. I could feel it,  

almost touch it.

Pitch black. Nothing there.

A sound.

I looked around. Drip, drip, drip. Something touched me. I shrieked.

'Who's there?'

No answer.

'Who's there? I'm not afraid of you!'

Still no answer.

I stepped forward cautiously, knowing something frightening might  

be ahead. My head was telling me to go ahead, but my gut was  

saying, 'Stay away!'

I Don't Want to Die 

by Seun, St Mary's Primary School


It's cold – dark – empty. What am I doing here? I don't want to die, I'm too young. Why are people

so horrid?

I hear the engine start and smell the fuel of the van. They're going to leave me here, I just know it!

As they leave I taste sea-salt. I'm at the beach. Lots of people go to the beach. I start banging on the


Minutes pass, then hours, then days. Nobody's coming! I'm stuck. I feel as if I'm in a prison. A cold

– dark – empty – prison.

I look around my new 'home'. I see a beach ball on the left and on the right, a beach chair. And slam

bam in the middle, a key.

I have found the key to my freedom!

The Zombie Princess and the Gothic Werewolf

by Sema, Michael Faraday Primary School


As the zombie princess and the gothic werewolf raced away, hand in hand, the sky became like a bright rainbow, the colours of red, orange and yellow symbolising dawn.  They stepped on the soft and warm sand with every step they took.

‘You can run but you can’t hide!’ called out the ninja panther from behind, who wanted to put an end to their true love.


Suddenly the princess tripped over a rock she previously didn’t notice and her panic reached a whole new level.

‘Hold my hand,’ gasped the werewolf.

To be continued…

Ella Forever Lost

by Aisha, St Martin's in the Fields High School


Ella is an ordinary 17th century girl, but all that changes when she’s on her quest....

What will Ella do?

Will she defeat the Chelseaoroid?

What will happen to Charlotte?

What will the future become of Ella?

All of this and more in my brand, spanking new book

Ella forever lost.


It was desert land, she was determined that this was a dream.

The sound was overwhelmingly loud, however, she wasn’t sure where it was or what it was.

The smell truly got to her, it was a sweet mango-like smell.

Without a drop in the mouth, a beloved taste of her past father’s horrid food randomly rang a bell.

Only if she could touch him one more time!


She then realised that this wasn’t a dream.   Ella knew that she was then lost forever.   Dead.

Ella ran, ran, ran but confusingly she ended up in the same place, a misty shadow appeared.   From that moment on then, she was dead.

Misty, mysterious shadow: ‘Come over here, child, I won’t hurt you, not if you come soon, anyway,’ he demanded.

‘Am I dead?  Please tell me I’m not dead,’ she grabbed him by the shoulders, shouting.

‘And whom do you think you are, Miss Witherspoon?’ he smartly questions her.

‘How do you know my name,’ she questions him back.


Chapter 1

‘I know many things, and knowing your name is one,’ he smittered with a great come back.

‘Who are you?  What do you want?  Why am I here?  Why are you here?’ she screamed.

‘Hold your horses, child!  Don’t you have manners?  Well, just for you to shut up I’ll answer your questions.  I am your guardian and I’m here to help you defeat the Lord of the Underworld,’ he answers with a straight face.

‘You can’t be serious!  Why me, what’s going to happen?  I’m not fighting!’ she weirdly commanded.

‘If you have to fight, I’ll train you, feed you, shelter you, and one stupid cowardly mistake in the battle would cost your life and your kingdom will be in danger.  Your training starts now.’

The misty, mysterious shadow grabbed his walking stick and murmured something in gibberish strangely while pointing towards the nothingness.

‘Walk in, child,’ he again demanded.

‘Well, at least I get my own kingdom,’ I selfishly said.

He again murmured something to me.


My name is Ella, enjoy my mysterious adventure!


On the Way

by Kya-Ann, St Mary's R.C. Primary


Melanie is a sweet 11 year-old girl. Her parents died in a car crash and after that she wanted to go

and live with her parents' mum and dad. For some reason she can't find them so she goes on an adventure to find them.

How will she finally get to them?


Chapter One

The beautiful golden sunset world lay on top of the water as it delicately tickled Melanie's feet. As she carried on her search she started to cry. Thinking of her grandparents made her upset.

'Come on, Melanie,' she kept saying to herself. 'You need to find your family.'

So she went on searching.

After half an hour of non-stop walking she decided to take a break. She sat on the tiny cobble stones. They were cold as ice on a frosty winter morning but she didn't care. She was just so upset

that she hadn't found her grandparents yet. She decided to sleep there.

In the morning when the sun was just rising, she heard a voice, a familiar voice, one that she had definitely heard before.

'You can do it, Melanie,' the voice said. 'You can find them.'


Chapter Two

Soon she came to a crooked old bridge. How was she going to get to the other side? She had to.

She placed one foot on the first plank of wood. Her hands were shaking. When she took the second

step, the plank broke. Luckily she grabbed hold of the next one. She kept trying and trying to pull

herself up but she just couldn't.

Finally she was able to put one leg up and then pull herself up altogether.

The Duchess of Dulwich

by Maya , Michael Faraday Primary School


Chapter One

Once there was a servant boy who was kind and helpful and would do anything to marry the lord of the manor's daughter; but the lord hated him. The lord's daughter's name was Rose. She was nice but violent in time of danger. Rose liked the boy, Joseph; she thought he was nice.

One day Rose's father, Richard, found a secret passage that led through the forest. When they arrived at the end there was an arch full of flowers. Richard announced that nobody was allowed through the passage without his permission. From that day on Rose would go secretly through the passage...

One day when she had arrived at the end she found Joseph leaning on the arch with a flower in his hand. Rose ignored him and carried on with her day. When she got home Richard asked her, 'Where were you?' and for the first time Rose was worried. She didn't answer until he asked again.

'ROSE, WHERE WERE YOU?' he shouted.

'I was at the arch,' she wept.

'THE ARCH!' he bellowed, and now he was angry. 'I thought I announced that no-one was allowed through without MY permission! That's it! You're grounded for two weeks.'

So from that day Rose didn't see Joseph. After two weeks she sprinted to the arch and when she arrived she saw Joseph, but this time he was asleep.

And she soon found out that Joseph liked her...


Chapter Two: The Letters

One day a letter arrived through Rose's front door. When she opened it, it said:


Dear Rose,

I want you to be my friend but I've always been too scared to tell you. I was scared that your father

would hate me. You know that I am poor and you are a duchess.




Once she had read the letter Rose felt surprised at what Joseph had written about her. So when she went out shopping she stopped at Joseph's house and left him a letter on his doorstep to tell him how she felt about the letter he had sent her.

Joseph was content that Rose had responded to his letter and excited about opening it. When he opened the letter it said:


Dear Joseph,

I was really surprised at what you had written because no-one has written anything so wonderful to

me before. It would be nice to have a friend. I really needed to tell you how I felt.




Chapter Three: The Truth

The secret letter writing had gone on for weeks and nobody had even noticed, not their friends or family.

Rose couldn't do it any more without telling her father, so after some months she told Richard at the dinner table that she had a friend named Joseph. The worst thing was that her father knew him only too well. He thought he was the worst man Rose could ever have as a friend and that if he spoke to him or even looked at him he would vomit.

Joseph didn't like what Richard had said about him, so at the arch he said to Rose: 'I'm going to let the people of Dulwich vote for who is going to be the lord of the manor.'

Rose thought it was a great idea and organised the entire city to go and vote.

But when the day came they were both nervous, worried that if the lord came outside he would lock Rose in her bedroom and Joseph in the dungeon for three years. Of course Rose didn't want this to happen, so they sneakily decided to move the voting out of town, so that Richard wouldn't realise

that the entire town of Dulwich were voting for James as the new lord because they didn't like the old lord's rules!

Lots of people voted for James, who was the strongest boy in the city. Most people thought that if they voted for him, he would marry them. But it didn't work like that – in fact, James made them believe he was going to marry them, but he was looking for his real love heart, Rose. James knew Rose very well and he thought, 'Maybe if I write her a letter about how beautiful she is, she might

not like Joseph any more.'

So James wrote her the letter.


Dear Rose

Would you like to go the park with me?




When James left the letter at the door Rose thought it was Joseph who had sent it. When she opened it and read it she felt disgusted because it was from the servant, James. Rose hated James; she thought he was a huge show-off.

Rose sent a letter to James to tell him how she felt when she read the letter.


Dear James

I'm sorry but I don't want to go anywhere with you!




James hated what Rose had written, so he told her father. Richard said that he was going to deal with Rose.When her father came into the bedroom he asked Rose what had happened between her and James.

She said she didn't like James because he would only date her until she made him rich and famous. Her father understood and said it was forbidden for a duchess to like a servant boy anyway. Even the king couldn't change the rules; they could only be changed by the prime minister.


Chapter Four: The Prime Minister

So they went to the Prime Minister, Charles. He lived in central London, in Downing Street. When

they arrived, Charles gave them a warm greeting. Rose hadn't expected him to be so nice; she

thought he was going to be horrible and tell them to go away.

She said to Charles: 'We came here to ask if we could change a rule, because we don't agree that duchesses should not be allowed to be friends with servants. It's unfair! It's like me saying that you are not allowed to be married to your wife!'

'Well now, there's no need to be harsh. Anyway, it's not like servants have feelings,' Charles said carelessly.

'Yes, they do,' Rose answered back.

'No, they don't,' he said again.

'YES...THEY...DO!' shouted Rose.

'How dare you answer back?' bellowed Charles.

'Let's go!' said Richard.

Once they had left, they got a carriage and went through the forest. But they were being followed by

another carriage. They didn't realise it until their carriage came to a halt and they realised that it had

been stopped by somebody else...


Chapter Five: The Escape

They ignored it at first. Then people came out from the carriage behind them. They jogged their carriage driver. The driver let go of the horses. The carriage driver, Bob, ran away, leaving Rose and Richard in the their carriage. So Richard ran out of the carriage and followed Bob, but the thing was that Bob didn't have a clue where he was going. But was Rose brave enough to step up to the people who had stopped their carriage? In a flash she was tied up with ropes, had a piece of cloth stuffed into her mouth and was thrown into a truck.

Rose was frightened but then she overheard a conversation from the front of the van. They said that they were going to blow up something.

Rose was suspicious, so she pretended to faint and after that...'the rest of the plan is easy,' thought Rose. 'All I have to do is make them notice me, then they'll come to the back of the van to check on me. I will wake up and kick them in the face.'

After that, all she had to do was to sprint away – only this time without being followed.


Chapter Six: Runaway

Rose ran through the park and back into the woods. She was nowhere to be found. But then she remembered that when she had run through the woods she thought she had seen the arch! So she knew she was close to home...

She sprinted back to the arch and then through the passage. But she didn't want to go home. She was fed up with her father because he only told her what to do and never let her do or like anyone or anything that SHE liked. The problem was that if she didn't return, she  would be banished from the

town. And if she was banished, it would mean that she would never even glimpse Joseph again.

But after all she had gone through she just had to leave whether she was banished from Dulwich or not. She knew that it was going to hurt Richard (if he was able to find the way home) if he didn't find that she had returned safely. But it was Richard himself who made her so upset, because she didn't want a life where her father told her what to do. She had decided that she wanted a new life, a new way of living.


Chapter Seven: A New Life

Rose wandered the woods until she heard laughter and felt a warm chill go down her spine. She was lured closer to the beautiful smell of warm, tender soup.

When she arrived she saw Indian Americans. When they saw her, they started to attack her.

Suddenly the chief came out of nowhere and shouted something that made them stop attacking and start to praise her like a queen. They gave her soup and some water. They asked stacks of questions,like: How did you get here? What do you need? But they didn't know that she was misplaced and that her father was missing.

Every day she tried to tell them that she wasn't supposed to be there but they couldn't understand. After months she learned to understand their language enough to tell them, but still she had to force herself to tell them that she was not supposed to be there in the first place, that she had almost been

kidnapped by a man on a horse, and that was the reason she was there with them.They tearfully said that they understood how she felt and if it was what she was supposed to do thenthat was what she was supposed to do.

Once she had left that evening she bumped into a wooden door that was blocking her path. As the door creaked open, she thought, 'I should explore this place.'

As she went up the winding staircase inside she stepped on something squiggly. It was a dead body.

She was about to vomit when she heard the sound of children playing. But these were no ordinary children. They were...ghosts.


To be continued...

Quarrel in the Factory

by Mabbina, Michael Faraday Primary School


Jay lifted up the planks of wood as the door burst open. We walked into the factory. It was full of dust and smelled of rotten fish. There were piles of tables and chairs stacked up in towers.

I gripped Jay's hand. He whispered quietly in my ear, 'We don't actually have to do this, Savanna. I mean, you can always come and work stuff out in my house...'

'No, Jay. I'm ready,' I insisted, 'but if we're found out, we're in big trouble.'

'OK,' Jay sighed.

We sat on the creaky stairs, taking out my laptop. I shoved it over to Jay.

'Remember, to get on to CSI type in “ZAPIN CRUNCH”', Jay explained, pointing at a small password box. 'Fill in all your details, Savanna.'

I didn't answer. He was behaving as if this was funny. All he wanted was for girls to adore him more.

'Let me tell you something, Jay! You don't really care about my brother, do you?' I glared at him.

'You think this is a joke. I wish I'd never told you! You just care about being a son to a CSI lady andbeing the most popular!'

I snatched up my laptop and slammed the door shut behind me. I didn't need anybody. I could work it all out myself. Nobody else cared.

The Beautiful Beach

by Charmaine, St Mary's Primary School


The sky is as pink as a flamingo's skin. The sun is slowly changing colour as it fades away. The sun is sweeping across the beach – the beautiful, sandy beach. The golden light shines everywhere as the sky gets pinker and pinker.

I can hear the waves crashing amongst the tiny cobble stones. I can smell the sea's fumes as they navigate themselves up my nose. I can feel the crystal clear water tap my feet gently.


by Jenny, St Mary's Primary School


It's dark, cold and empty. I'm lurking around, looking for the terrorising werewolf. I should be in bed right now but I need to help the city.

I can taste the cold winter air and smell dirty dustbins. The moon is the only light I have; the stars are gone. It is as dark as the inside of a closed box. The lights are dead.

As I walk around I feel worried and scared but I have a little self-confidence left inside me.

But all I can see is the coldness, darkness and emptiness.

Zombie Thief! (unfinished)

by Daniel, St Mary's Primary School


How will Mark find out who robbed his house?


Chapter One

'I can see the enriching sight of the sun travelling over the horizon and just touching the still water as the ripples shake,' said Mark Thompson.

Mark Thompson had taken his family to see the sunset. They all thought it was beautiful. But what ruined it was the silly dolphin splashing them in the face continuously.

'Stop!' said Charlie Thompson.

'Go away!' said Sarah Thompson.

'All right,' said Mark. 'Everyone get in the car.'

'Where are we going?' asked Charlie.

'Home,' replied Mark.

'Aw!' said the children.

The children eventually got in the car. But they were singing, 'Blah, blah, black sheep!' all the way home.

Chapter One: Sent Away

by Marci, Michael Faraday Primary School


Harry stared out of the train window at the trees and bushes that whizzed by. He glanced at the girl who sat opposite him. She noticed that he was staring at her and she quickly looked away. Harry sighed and went back to looking out of the window.


After a few minutes he looked at her again. She had blond hair and greenish eyes. She looked like everyone else on the train: scared, nervous and worried, but, strangely, not as much as the other passengers. Her green eyes met his and she was brave enough to say something.

'Hello,' she mumbled quietly.

Harry was silent. He felt very shy and nervous.

'Hello,' he whispered. They were both silent for a moment and then the green-eyed girl spoke.

'What's your name?' she asked.

'Blue.' Harry smiled a little. 'Harry Blue.'

The train journey lasted a long time. When they arrived they were happy to be in the clear, fresh air.

Harry went to stay with a bad-tempered old lady called Mrs Clare. He spent most of his time in the field by the wood. Sometimes when he was bored he drew pictures of birds and sometimes he would just lie in the sun day-dreaming.

He had liked the girl on the train, who had said she was called Linda Smith. He wished he had someone to play with, or something better to do. He missed the busy streets of London and the hiss of traffic in the air.

One morning when he went down to the field he saw a large bulldog in the distance. It glared at him and bared its teeth. It began to run towards Harry, with spit flying from its open jaws.

Harry began to run as well. He felt terrified. He raced towards an old oak tree and began to climb up into its branches. He stopped scrambling and clambering when he was out of reach of the dog.

Suddenly he heard a voice above him. He looked up but could only see endless leaves and branches.

'Over here!' yelled the voice. It seemed strangely familiar. Harry looked wildly around.

'Who's there?' he shouted. Then he saw two feet wearing small boots. 'Hello?'

He stood up slowly and saw two hands clutching a tiny book. He looked higher and saw a green-eyed face. He smiled. Linda smiled back.

'What are you doing up here?' he asked.

'Same as you,' Linda said, pointing at the dog, that was now a mad ball of hair, spit and fury. 'I've been up here for ages,' she moaned. 'It won't go away!'

Then they heard a sharp, high-pitched whistle. The dog pricked up its ears suddenly, then lumbered off towards the woods. A small figure appeared and the dog jumped up at it and began licking its face.

'Spike! Spike! Get down!' Harry heard the laughter of a boy.

Linda swung herself down to the ground and looked at the boy and the dog. She waved her hands and shouted. 'Hey!' she yelled. 'Hello, hello!' Harry began to feel very dizzy because he had been looking down too long, and he clutched the branches around him.

As soon as Linda jumped down, the dog turned around and snarled. It ran towards her and she screamed. The boy yelled at the angry bulldog. The dog sniffed and stood still. It grunted and closed its jaws.

The boy looked at Linda and began to walk towards her. 'Are you a city kid?' he asked.

'City kids.' Linda smiled, pointing up at Harry. 'Who are you?' she asked curiously.

'I'm Bill and this...' he pointed at the wild dog that was now chasing a butterfly '...this is Spike.'

Spike wore a black, spiked collar and had two brown patches on his back and one brown ear. Bill patted him.

Jane's Victorian Lace Gloves

by Cindy, St Martin's in the Fields High School


As Jane put on her silk-covered dress that morning, she wondered why she always felt different from the other Victorian girls. Was it her dress, her shoes, or her ring that set her apart? She was

determined to find out!

Then, quite suddenly, as she put on her graceful lace gloves that she had never worn before, she felt a slight tingle in her hands.

She locked the door and went to Sugar, her cat, and stroked her. Sugar froze.

Jane couldn't understand why her gloves made Sugar freeze. Then she had an idea. She took off her gloves. Sugar licked her face and Jane laughed. Then she realised that there was something special

about her gloves. She saw that there was a type of control or connection with the gloves, so she went downstairs.

Mary, her mother, said, 'Come and have your breakfast.'

The Concert

by Ruqaiyah,St Martin's in the Fields High School


Scene: One Direction concert.

Really loud. Everyone screaming, 'I love you, One Direction!' Everyone jumping up and down in their seats.

I didn't really smell anything there because I wasn't interested in One Direction; I could only taste the caramel popcorn that I was eating.

I hadn't wanted to come but I had to. My sister loves One Direction so I had to go with her to the concert. I didn't feel very happy but it was all right now because One Direction were singing and I love music.

I was sitting down, unlike everyone else. My seat was prickly and not comfortable at all but I could not do anything about it.

I thought: I really, really don't like One Direction and I can't wait until my sister is a bit older and can go by herself to this silly old concert!

That was until Zeyn Malik blew me a kiss!

Ninja Princess

By Charmaine,  St Mary’s RC Primary School


Chapter One

Once upon a time there lived a happy queen and a ninja. The reason the queen had married a ninja was because she didn’t want to be a posh lady who lived in a castle with over 100 bedrooms. She just wanted to be a normal lady, who lived in a normal house and married a normal ninja.

Years later they had a baby princess. But there was something in particular that made this baby very special... she was a NINJA PRINCESS!!!

The queen was actually quite happy that she was a ninja princess because she could fight even though she was zero years old!

As she grew older people became jealous of her especially the evil villain Doojusmith.

He was so jealous of her as she was famous and beautiful.


Chapter Two

Once cold morning the queen and her husband woke up to find no Sofia.

What if she had been kidnapped? What if she had been murdered? They did not know what to do so they called the police. Because they were hesitating they accidentally dialled the wrong numbers. To their surprise an odd voice picked up the phone.

‘Hello,’ the voice groaned.

‘Who is this?’ asked the queen curiously.


‘Wait!’ the queen interrupted.

‘Ok, I kidnapped your daughter. I’ve trapped her in a metal bubble where she can’t escape!’

‘But why?’ the queen asked.


Back cover

“Zoe has to find her way out of the metal bubble, with the help of the secret agency, will she escape?”


By Sally-Ann St Martin’s


Chapter One

“Helena, come downstairs and eat you cereal,” said Helena’s mum.

“Coming!”  Helena ate all her cereal in five minutes and said bye to her mum.  She walked out of the door and met her friend at the bus stop.

“Hi Caroll,” said Helena.  

“Did you hear the news about the missing girls?” said Caroll.

When Helena came home she watched the news.  It said that there was a missing seven-year-old girl.  Helena was getting worried that she would get caught too but she tried not to think about it.














Helena woke up the next day.  It was Monday.  Helena hated Mondays so she wasn’t as happy.  when she came to school, half of the class wasn’t there.

“Caroll, why are there so many people not here?”

“I think it’s because they are sick, it must have been a coincidence.”

“Half of the class isn’t here and you think it’s just a coincidence?!  Something is going on, I can feel it,” said Helena.

“Nothing’s going on, don’t worry, Helena,” said Caroll.  


Helena still felt suspicious, as if they were going to play a prank on her.  It was home time so Helena came home.  she told her mum about what happened at school and her mum told her that they were probably on a trip.

Half of the class still wasn’t there after four days.  Helena, Caroll and the rest of her classmates were confused.  Helena thought they were probably on a school journey.  A week later, Helena went to school, it was Wednesday and the whole school was empty.  


“What?!  Why isn’t anyone at school today?”  Helena angrily marched home and told her mum that there was no-one at school.

“Sorry, hon, it was a bank holiday or staff training or voting.”

“So I got up early for nothing!  Arghh!”  She rushed to her room and played Sims 3 on the computer.

“Honey, come downstairs quickly!  Your classmates are on the news!”


Helena got really excited and watched the news in awe.  Twelve children have suddenly gone missing from Olive Tree Primary School on Monday, 18th September.  That was the day when Helena thought they were on a trip.   “WHAT IS GOING ON?” screamed Helena.

“Calm down, Helena, they are going to be fine,” said Mum.

“How do you know, Mum?  They could have been kidnapped.  I’ve known them for years and I don’t want to lose them,” said Helena, almost in tears.


Chapter Two

Helena went to the police station the next day and complained severely.  

“I’m sorry young lady, but we are not allowed to speak about this matter to strangers,” said the policeman.

“But they got to the same primary school as me, Olive Tree Primary School.  I’ve known them for ages!” said Helena desperately.  The policeman told her that they were still searching for clues and apologised for the delay.  

Helena came home in frustration and went to her room to do her own investigation.  She switched on her laptop and typed in How to investigate missing children, but a load of rubbish, unhelpful information came up.  She shut down her laptop and threw it in frustration on her soft, bouncy bed.


Helena called Caroll and cried over the phone about their missing classmates.

“Don’t worry, Helena, they’ll come back.  Besides, Casey is gone, ha ha,” said Caroll.  

Casey was the meanest girl in the whole universe, with her mean girl clan Stephanie, Cassidy, Melanie and of course the leader, Casey.

“I don’t care about Casey, I care about the others,” said Helena.  

Where kids gone Sally Ann003

Save the Cat!

by Marci, Michael Faraday Primary School


Back cover text

“When Emma’s teacher Mr Brown starts acting strangely she is determined to find out what he is doing. She soon discovers that the class cat, Jake, is missing. She wonders if her teacher has anything to do with it.”


“An astonishing novel from my favourite author.  A detailed story.” Ella Green, aged 12

The Secret of the Angels

By Keisha, St Mary’s RC Primary School


Did you ever wonder what’s going on in heaven? Well read this book which will be told by me. Celeste, an angel.


‘Guards! Guards! This is an emergency! War is here! War is here!’ God said as loud as he could.

That was when we got ready and learned our unicorn spells until it was war.

The war began. One of the devil’s soldiers shot us and most of us died. God wasn’t happy until he thought of an idea. Some of the angels gave birth but because it wasn’t safe in heaven they had to send them down to earth. And that’s where I come in. Because I was one of the babies.”

“Do you ever wonder what’s going on in heaven? Well I’m an angel. So I’ll tell you a story about how it feels living in heaven.  

It was white as normal here and God ordered me. He sent me on a mission with the angel guardians. It was war. Hell wants to come and defeat us but that day lots of us were gone until they thought of an idea.  10 of them gave birth to baby angels but it wasn’t safe up in heaven. So they sent them to the real world so the Devil wouldn’t know a thing.

The babies lived with different people but not their real parents. These parents didn’t know the secret but they took them because they were cute.

By the time they knew it they had shot up and now they were thirteen. They were going to a new school but they never knew each other until that day.

The Adventure in the Forest

By Natalia, St Mary’s RC Primary School


Not long ago in the forest of Brazil a secret agent, Liz (20), went to a  forest to find the hidden Olympic coins. Will she find all 50?


Chapter One

It was a bright and sunny morning and the birds were singing sweetly. The wind was whistling through Liz’s ears. There were trees the colour of turquoise and a carpet of autumnal leaves.

Liz woke up in surprise, not knowing where she was. She remembered her mother had sent her in a big box on the aeroplane to Brazil. When she woke up Liz boxed herself out of the box, into the world.  She hadn’t eaten anything all day and she didn’t even have any food with her. But there was still something to eat. Exotic fruits.

When Liz was five years old she learnt all about tree climbing so from then she’s been an expert. Her eyes dazzled at the height of the tree.”

“Liz ran as fast as she could through the mysterious forest, trying to get away from the guard of the forest. She found a vine and hung onto it as hard as she could. The guard, who was right behind her, went whizzing past her. A few minutes after being in the air, Liz jumped off the vine and landed on the floor with a bump! She hadn’t eaten anything all day so she was starving. Liz remembered there were these huge coconut trees nearby so she walked happily until she arrived to the coconut tree. She didn’t know it was going to be that high. But she didn’t get too worried because she had really good climbing skills. Liz climbed and climbed for twenty minutes non-stop. Finally she arrived at the top.

‘Wow. I can’t believe I’m up here,” she said.

The Case of the Terrorising Werewolf!! or NinjaTeacher!!!

By Jenny, St Mary’s RC Primary School


Matt is an ordinary teacher but is a ninja. A wolf is terrorising the city and he needs to defeat him.


Matt Bowman was an ordinary teacher, working in an ordinary school but his life wasn’t as normal as you thought. By day he was a boring teacher but by night he was a ninja, fighting crime. He had to keep this a secret or he would be exposed and could have lost his job.

One night Matt came home from work and switched on the tele. Suddenly he heard that there was a terrorising werewolf rampaging  in the city. Matt didn’t know whether or not to fight? He had a big fear of dogs. He was afraid that they would gobble him up in one go because when he was young a dog ate up his favourite toy so he’s had a fear of them ever since.

The next day Matt arrived at a therapist and had a therapy session with Dr Martin Blue. At the end of the session he thought his fear of dogs was gone but it wasn’t. So he had to face his fears himself.

(My cat is crying)

“The cat is crying and walking at the same time and the traffic lights are bright in the night.”


by Shakira,  Michael Faraday  Primary School

My Main Character, an extract from That's Where I was Wrong

by Chelsea, St Martin's in the Fields High School


Mia is a beautiful young lady. Her full name is Amelia Roberta Garcia Andrews. But she likes to go by the name of Mia Andrews.

Mia has olive skin and dark chestnut curls that reach all the way down to her back. She has brown eyes and is as tall as a sunflower on a bright summer's day. Mia is thirteen on 10th August, her birthday (which is when the story starts).

She lives with her dear old grandmother, Edith Jeffereys. Edith is small and thin, with bright blue eyes and grey and brown short hair. She loves Mia dearly and has looked after her for as long as

Mia can remember, from the day her mum dropped her off at her gran's and never came back. Edith lives in a two-bedroom cottage in Yorkshire. She has a playful dog called Raffles and a sleepy cat called Mabel that both Mia and her gran adore. The cottage is surrounded by grassy meadows, singing birds, blooming flowers and sweet butterflies.