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The workshop leaders for the Lions were authors,

Karen Owen, Paul Bryers, Beverley Birch and illustrator, Jane Porter

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By Philip, Bessemer Grange School


Slowly, I opened the door in the tunnel and crash! Lightening struck as I reluctantly walked into a new, horrible and un-true world. It was a grey, stormy and cloudy night as I walked up

a hill to my destiny and unknown destination. I turned around, looked at how far I had walked. Thunder shook me as I looked back in despair. The door was gone!


I stayed still for a long time, deep in thought of how I was to get out of here... alive. I had to survive, but how? I looked across me and saw a golden sword lying there like a lost little boy. I ran over to it with a puzzled face. I slowly picked it up and looked at in a way of honour. I hadn’t seen anything like it ever. Not even toy swords looked like it. The sheaf had gold, diamonds and emeralds on it and the blade of the sword shone like heaven. My eyes widened as I swung it around. It made the dark, gloomy sky a wonder.


Suddenly, the ground shook. Rocks split as the brown dusty ground opened. Out came a statue of horror as I was struck with devastating fear as I shook myself like wild, looking at

the giant statue. His eyes were like fire and his mouth had fangs that seemed to stab you.


I had almost forgotten about my sword. The statue moved. Then I grabbed my sword – well,the sword I found – and lifted it up. The statue shot a firery laser at me. I didn’t think I would make it but I did. It I hit back the laser with my sword.

Magic, isn’t it?

Double D

By Michael, Battersea Park School


*These are planning notes written by Michael for his story entitled Double D.


Big things turn small and small things turn big. This is because there are two diamonds called The Twin Diamonds. Mikey is looking for them. One is to solve problems and make money and the other is to turn big things small, and small things big eg: toys.

Then Mikey finds a diamond but it is the wrong one and Mikey turns small and the toys turn big. So Mikey has to find the other twin diamond to make him big again.

It’s not going to be easy!

Mikey gets trapped in a toy box. He has to use all his power to break out of the box. Even if he does break out, it will be hard to find the other diamond. As a bee, it will take him a year to get from a chair to the door. If he takes more than a year, he will stay that size for ever.

It will be revenge for the toys that are now the same size as humans, although there is a quick way to get the diamond. Mikey has to kill his favourite toy, Top Ranked Commando

Trez, the strongest toy in the world!


By Jasmine, Battersea Park School


Liam stared. Thinking about his brother and what he would get into if he didn’t. Getting into guns, drugs... death. If he lost him... it’s too hard to write down in words. The portal was luring Liam in, his eyes transfixed, and the only sound was his footsteps.

“Wait! When you go in you must fulfil your quest or time will turn you into dust,” cried his mum, Rachel.

Liam was anxious, he had no idea of what to do. A mixture of thoughts ran through his mind. Anger, anxiety and stress.

“I will!” shouted Liam. As he got closer and closer to the portal, he was shivery at the sound of his own footsteps. A shudder of coldness and fright travelled through his body like a wave. One foot, two feet, all his body in, and the echo of crying travelled...

What Was This?

By Luka, Elmgreen School


My heart endlessly thuds as my eyes grew cold when I listened to the long chime ringing in my ears... Reece’s voice muffles, the expression on his face is confusion. I can hear tiny mutters of my name being called, over and over again. Slowly, a blinding light filters my view and the cracking of the glass was still violently ringing. I scream and squeeze my eyes tighter together and collapse to my knees.

“I’m blind! I’m blind!” I’m screaming, but no sound escapes from my dry mouth. Suddenly, a story is set in my mind... my mum was singing along to country songs followed by my dad and sister chuckling. We were in Dad’s rusty red car and my eyes were examining the view.

It was a beautiful golden field of wheat... really? Is this where we were staying as a vacation?

“What do you think, Haven?” My Mum’s voice is yelled over the music.

“Great,” I muttered sarcastically.

“At least show a little enthusiasm, honey.” My dad laughed.

I rolled my eyes.

“Where are you taking us?” Mum squinted.

“Trust me, I know where I’m driving,” he answered.

“Dad, watch out!” my sister screams, and my eyes lay on the giant lorry driving uncontrollably towards us. The driver wasn’t even paying attention, heavy metal full blast and drinking from a glass bottle of beer.

The car swerves off the main road, losing itself in the gold of the field. Tumbling, rolling, falling endlessly. Shatters of glass explode like fireworks into the car and shimmer into tiny


The film played in my mind ends and I find Reece and Jessica staring directly at me, petrified and worried about what they had witnessed.

“Haven, you went crazy for about five minutes,” Reece gapes.

Fire on Ice

By Laureen, The Elmgreen School


I slowly creep through the cave as my footsteps echo, using the fire I’ve created with my powers on my fingertips as a weak flashlight. My whole body trembles as my eyes scan the empty cave. To my frustration, water dripping from the ceiling puts out my excuse-for-aflashlight every three seconds. I take a careful step, when I Feel something furry, soft and

fuzzy underneath my foot. Jumping up in absolute fear, I watch the rat I had just stepped on scurry away.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I AM SCARED. I shouldn’t have ever left the group but I HAVE to prove to Isis that I CAN do things on my own. I CAN be responsible. I can’t just go back, can I?

I’m startled by footsteps I hear from afar. I twist and turn, looking at every corner of the cave. I shout with my shaky voice, “Who is it? Sh.. show yourself!”

But as soon as I smell a whiff of her ‘natural’ smell perfume and see her bright Nike trainers step in, I roll my eyes, not sure if I should be annoyed or relieved.

“Blaze?! What are you DOING in here?” Isis says.

Out on Streets

by Lakeisha , Battersea Park School


I walked through the bleak streets of London with only my dog companion, Scruffy. All I had was a small candle and a rough, screwed-up blanket to keep me warm.

My name is Darte and I have been on the streets all my life. Who needs parents or adults? I got my dog, Scruffy. It’s just me and him against the world. I can look after myself. I don’t need anyone else.

As I walked through the streets while the rain was pushing down on my body, disgusting aromas and mud would slide off my coat and into the drains below. This is the closest to a shower I will ever get, considering that I haven’t had a shower in a long time. I’m surprised that I haven’t been swarming with flies, maggots, and many other insects.

It was a rough area that I was sleeping in and anything could happen. Siers were fast and furious as they hunted down illegal drivers in a car race. Drunk people were shouting at each other across the street. I just couldn’t believe this was the situation I was in.

While I have been walking around this terrifying place at night, I realised I would need a place for me and Scruffy to stay. We cannot stay in this freezing cold area for long. I need a place to sleep which will cost no money as I haven’t got any. Plus someone to look after Scruffy while I start looking for a job to buy food for me and Scruffy.

Waiting for the Wind

By Eve, Elmgreen School


I was in the fields harvesting corn the day they arrived.

The shots came first. Ripping the air to shreds in a mixture of fire and sound. The bullets whistled past me, too fast for me to see. I shrank into the bushes, my own bow ready and loaded.

I could feel my heart beating fast as the adrenaline seared through my blood. I prayed to the ancestors to protect me. Suddenly, the firing stopped and instead came voices. They spoke in an unknown language,

something I couldn’t recognise. Slowly, the voices started to come closer. There was no time to run, just to climb.

Slowly and gently, I pulled myself on to the lowest branch. I sat there, my hands trembling on my bow, ready to fire. All the while the voices were getting nearer. While I sat there I couldn’t help but wonder what they were doing.

The Giant Mutated Monkey

By Joshua, Bessemer Grange School


Doctor Mohamed picked up the large clear glass syringe which contained a murky dark liquid. He turned to his associates and smiled ecstatically.

“My dear friends, this is the culmination of our past year’s work together. Let us begin the vaccination.”

The doctors turned to the stretcher. Lying under the control of the anaesthetic was a baby monkey. Dr Mohamed positioned the syringe over the top of the monkey’s right thigh and carefully and slowly injected the monkey, which twitched slightly in its sleep.

“How long before we see if it’s worked?” said the nearest doctor excitedly.

“It should only take a few minutes,” replied Dr Mohamed, turning to write some notes down in his notebook.

The doctors all turned to look at the monkey. To their utter horror, its hands and feet started to bulge, its fur, which was smooth and matted, was not utterly untidy and grew in large spikes on his body. He grew muscled like a giant sumo wrestler with large sharp teeth.


Then, suddenly, CRRRACK... the monkey’s skin split to reveal a larger, more terrifying monkey that now was lengthening by the second and it didn’t stop growing until it was as high as the building and as wide as a car.


All of the doctors had long since run outside, terrified to be squashed to death. Next moment, to all of the doctors’ utter dismay, this monster of a monkey came crashing out of the building and trundled along the road to the town. The giant mutated monkey with his huge monster like hands as big as bowls and as furry as a mammoth’s coat was moving like

the wind, throwing huge, hard, and dangerous spike balls at the terrified townspeople standing on the wet, soft, mossy and slippery ground. This monster of a monkey trundled along, knocking over all the dry, small wooden houses. The town people by now had all run away and were hiding and trying to escape the smell of the sawdust from the wood. Everywhere you went there was sawdust in the air. The ground was hard as rock so if you fell you would hurt yourself and get a load full of dust. The town was now a complete mess and if you looked at it you would have thought it was just a field.


Meanwhile, on the same morning that the vaccination took place, there was a skateboarding tournament. You had to show off your tricks to get into the tournament. A boy called Jamie, who was taking part in the tournament, rushed home and got his wooden sword and tried to fight the mutated monkey. When that didn’t work he wished for something to defeat the mutated monkey and to his delight a candle with a label saying hold this out in front of the monkey, it will weaken him for one minute. While he is weakened, tie him up.Jamie raced back to the mangled mess of the town where the thought he could taste the sawdust in the air and the dryness of the wood. Now he raced up to the villagers and told them to get their strongest rope or metal chains to tie up the monkey. Then he raced to the

place where they had tried the vaccination on the monkey (which, fortunately, was still standing) and said, “Do you have an antidote... for the vaccination that you did on the monkey that went completely wrong?”

The Girl Who Wished Death

by Tolu, Bessemer Grange Primary School


*These are planning notes written by Tolu for his story entitled The Girl Who Wished Death.


A young girl finds a peculiar shell, not knowing that the shell is enchanted. One day, her parents have an argument. Holding the shell tightly, she wishes her parents were dead. The shell can also hear the truth. The girl has a flashback to the moment she wished her parents gone and remembers that before she said it she was holding the bat to be sure she wishes for a £5 note without using the shell, then she does it with the shell and it appears suddenly.

Then she wishes the shell could talk. The shell tells her she has made a big mistake and has to live with her parents as ghosts.

The shell could transform into anything but only if the person believes what they’re saying.

The shell feels ridged, sharp, smooth. It has a weird sound.


Setting: sounds are quiet. Beautiful scenery in a garden bought by the Enchantress.

By Shelby, Battersea Park School


Leo quietly crept into his dad’s study, saying to himself, “My dad was the only person who treated me like I was someone that fitted in the family.” Leo wasn’t crying at this time. He was angry about none of his achievements being placed in the study.

Leo was really anxious about being in the study. He was speaking to himself again. Leo walked over to the desk, tried looking through and finding evidence. When he finally opened the bottom drawer, full of dust and air, he found a letter from his big brother. It said:


Dear Leo

This is a letter that I have written to you. Leo, don’t make the same mistakes I did when I was your age.

The Soul Keeper

By Tiyler, Battersea Park School


She breathed heavily but yet soothingly as she attempted to draw the demons in; possessing them, making them believe she was their master. The one they worshipped. The one they obey. As powerful as Soul Snatcher was, she wasn’t able to snatch their souls. They were already taken by the ruler of the underground. The Devil.


Soul Snatcher had a mischevious wide grin on her face as the demons got closer to her but that she didn’t realise was that they weren’t possessed. They weren’t moving closer to her because she was their so-called new master. They were gaining on her because she was new meat and they hadn’t been fed for what seemed to be decades. The closer the demons got

to the Soul Snatcher, the more they could smell her sweet, succulent skin. They rotated their tongues rapidly across their red hot lips and snapped their razor sharp teeth in desperation. They became more and more aggressive. More and more hungry. More and more determined and greedy.

Suddenly, Soul Snatcher realised where she was, the underground, and in the underground they have no sign of a soul. Only frozen hearts there by noticing her spell didn’t work, they were not under her control.

“Sit! Sit!” she shrieked, despair in her eyes. “I am your master! I command you to stop.”

But they just didn’t listen. They pranced on her.

They sank their swords into her flesh, their burning skin rubbing against her. It was like she was trapped in a room of tear gas, the arm reaching out for help as she sank further and further down.


By Leah, Battersea Park School


Another day came but it’s morning so she is once again a beauty but not as beautiful as the day before. You can faintly see the scar from last night (9.30pm), the stinging, still in the centre of her pale wrist. The scar, lumpy and rough as she runs her smooth long finger across it.

The wall of the house is looking more ruined, smelling more damp and disgusting, jagged like it’s ready to rip. Her mouth is very dry, almost like she had not had a ’proper’ drink in quite a while. She goes to the kitchen to make herself a drink and has a quick look outside.

Something caught her eye... blood.

Where had it come from? Why was it there?

She runs up to the bathroom, climbing four flights of stairs, gasping for breath, her face as red as red wine, legs shaking. She reaches the bathroom and rapidly swings open the door.

Her eyes widen with astonishment, full of horror.

From what was so clean and tidy too, rusty blood everywhere. Dirt on the floors! All she could think of was... could this have come from the scar?

Was this me?

By Nomin  Battersea Park School


“I’ve found the treasure!” yelled Amelia.


Marcus and Amelia both walked over to the treasure.  They touched the gold encrusted box.  It was rough and heavy, and just when they were about to fit the crystal pieces in, a vulture appeared and landed on the box.  


Marcus tried to shoo the vulture away but it wouldn’t budge.  He turned around to get some food but instead he found a whole herd of animals staring deeply into his soul.  


“Mar...cus, what should we do?” said Amelia faintly.  All the animals were surrounding them.  The atmosphere suddenly turned from relief and excitement to fear and hopelessness.  


“Just stay still!  If we move, they might attack,” whispered Marcus.


Amelia was breathing heavily.  She wondered how long she could stay this way.  “Marcus, I’m starting to feel numb.  I’ve got to move at least a little bit,” said Amelia.  


Just as Marcus was about to reply, Amelia lost her balance and tripped.


“Amelia, are you all right?” yelled Marcus.


But all Amelia was looking at was the blood red eyes of the enormous stag before her.  “Hey, they weren’t like this before,” said Amelia.  


The stag kicked his hooves and snorted out loud.


“It’s gonna charge!” screamed Marcus as he pushed Amelia to the side.  At this point, it seemed that all the animals had been possessed by something and that they really wanted to attack them.  



By Alfie, Elmgreen School


Tom approached the plaque; it was looming menacingly in the corner. It seemed silly, the artefact’s description, words on a paper. Scary? But Tom could feel his heart thudding. Left foot, right foot, left, right. In no time, Tom found himself in front of it. He skimmed through it until something caught his eye. It read:


In 1985, the professor Noel Thompson tried to destroy the gemstone, saying it was cursed and would drain and alter memories. His claims were dismissed by others then kept in this museum forever.


Tom had just finished reading the page when he heard heavy footsteps coming closer and closer. Tom curses, “The night shift, oh God.” He ran.

“Hey, you!”

Those words fuelled Tom on. He ran, dodging exhibits, travelling further and further into the heart of the museum. He tripped and sprawled across the floor like a rug.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” He examined him like he was a specimen. “Noel’s son.”

Tom was winded. All he could manage was a croaky, “Yes, Sir.”

“I don’t suppose he will be too happy finding out his son has broken into the museum.”

“No Sir,” he replied. What was he thinking? He should never of got involved.


By Dania, Elmgreen School


Why am I always in the wrong place at the wrong time? But I guess I can’t move. What’s the point of me being here when I can’t do anything about it? I have just witnessed something horrible and it frustrates me that I can’t do anything about it.

What is this? Where are you taking me? Wait! No, stop!

“Ha ha ha ha. I’ve got you now, no-one can stop me now, ha ha ha ha.” The unknown person chuckles were evil.

Dr Chov, a Chinese inventor, the smartest man in China. Dr Chov is the man who invented me one hundred and forty years ago (by the way, it’s my birthday next week). Apparently, he made me to protect France from danger. I am a wooden elephant. I have a camera in my eyes so I can see everything that happens to the President. I am very hi-tech for being made

in 1872, mainly because I have an original and technical way to open me and watch the footage.


~ Notes: In the eye of the wooden elephant there is a camera that has filmed everything that has happened in the museum. The trunk has scratches on it which is a secret code that has been passed down in the inventor’s family. The detective will need someone from the inventor’s family to open the elephant to watch the footage.


By Allen, Battersea Park School


Prologue 755 AD

The vessel crashed. And still the baby was asleep. Asleep in its cot. For many years the

baby was frozen, sleeping, sleeping... not to awake. At least, not until over 700 years later.


Ninja Warrior

Rotar was leaping through his lessons. In the day, he was annihilating dummies with each hit while in the night, he was jumping through the trees with inhuman grace and speed.

He still hung out with Helena although he was in a league of his own.

“Why’d you bother hanging out with me? You’ve surpassed me in every aspect” Helena scowled.

“Well because you’re the only friend I have,” Rotar replied.

This compliment warmed her heart but by only a degree. “It’s just that I’ve been training for years and you’ve surpassed me in a week.”

Rotar took this as a moment to display a smug grin.

Something in Helena snapped. She threw a star knife at him as her body jerked. In the time it would’ve taken a man to blink, Rotar caught and threw the knife at a tree. Helena stood with her jaw on the floor.

By Daniel, Bessemer Grange Primary School


There was a skateboarding tournament to celebrate the last year of the 20th Century.   There was an event to show off your skills.  


Meanwhile, in the laboratory in an underground base, a monkey was getting a special vaccine.  But as they inserted the syringe the monkey started to get aggressive and also started to get bigger, and as it broke free it started to destroy the lab.  As it dug to the surface it dug right out of the middle of the tournament.  It pulled itself out completely and started to destroy all of the ramps and all of the rails.  


Jamie, a boy skateboarder, noticed all the chaos and shouted, “Armour up!”.


All of a sudden, a whole load of armour and gear came up on him as he charged at the mutated monkey.