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LeopardRoom copy copy Jamie helping leopards Sara Grant and leopard

The workshop leaders for the Leopards were authors, Sara Grant and J.P.Buxton and illustrator,

Bridget Strevens-Marzo


Cover- Fear

by Millie,

St Martin's in the Field High School

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by Jaydean,  St Martin's in the Field High School


Chapter 1 – IT BEGINS


2020 – Government introduces a new law: everyone must study and pass the test to play music, doing otherwise is illegal and will result in death.


2060 – You have to have a music license to play any instrument. The test no longer applies.


2100 – Music stops being created by mankind. All hail the Mistress.


2110 – last man-made music played.  4.08 pm, only computer programmed music remains.






Mistress – woman who suddenly took over the world. Hates music because of childhood memories.


Oliver – normal boy … or is he? He and another family descendant are chosen to save the world (his parents died protesting.)


Group – the only resistance that there is, they back up Oliver and Annabel all the way and help them uncover secrets.


Annabel – Oliver’s long-lost sister.  She and the Group meet Oliver and join forces.


Story so far: Oliver has met the Group and they are planning to conquer the Mistress.  He has gone with Annabel to collect the last remaining guitar so they can beat the Mistress.




Oliver POV*


‘Hold on a minute, there were 2 guitars left on earth?  This is awesome!  Now we can definitely beat the Mistress once and for all!’  ‘Come on, we need to go,’ said Annabel.  ‘Yeah, you’re right, we do,’ I replied, and with that said we were off …


Annabel POV*


We gathered the rest of the Group and made our way to the palace.  Now that we have 2 guitars we can surely beat the queen once and for all so that music won’t be lost forever. We can’t look back now … It’s either conquer the Mistress and save the world … or be destroyed.


Oliver POV*


As we made our way up to the castle I could not wait for what was in store for us.  I mean I finally get to revenge my parents’ death.  I will get my revenge for her killing my parents in the protests and for turning the world into the dark, abandoned, gloomy planet we see today.  


Group POV*


‘OK, this is it.  We need to back Oliver and Annabel up all the way … even if it costs our lives, are you with me?’  ‘Yes,’ they all replied as we continued to make our way to the palace.  When we got there, there was a nasty surprise waiting for us.  All the guards guarding the area surrounded us.  Before they attacked us we fought back. Very soon it had become a fight like on a battlefield.  As we were fighting we let Oliver and Annabel escape the fight and search for the Mistress while we fought the guards until we won.


Annabel POV*


This is it, this is the time when we are going to beat the Mistress once and for all.  We got the guitars ready as we approached the Mistress’s room.  When we were in front of it, we stepped inside …


Mistress POV*


I can’t believe they had the nerve to challenge me.  I mean, what were they thinking?  There are no more instruments on earth, and if they made their own it would be useless.  They might as well turn around right now because they won’t beat me.  I won’t allow it!  I will put them to death if they dare enter my headquarters and that’s a promise … My mother and father will be proud for once.  Just then one of my guards said there were some intruders approaching us.  ‘Now,’ I said, the time has come … for Oliver and Annabel TO DIE.’


Oliver POV*


We stormed into the Mistress’s room, prepared for battle …




Within seconds guards were surrounding us.  ‘Well, well, well, Oliver, Annabel, you’ve been very bad haven’t you?’ said the Mistress.  ‘But this little stunt has crossed the line … get ready to say goodbye.’  Just then our guitars started glowing as we took them into our hands.  ‘What! The legends were true, but not 1 but 2 guitars? Quickly, destroy them,’ the Mistress said.  ‘You ready, sis?’ I asked.  ‘You bet,’ she replied. As we started to rock the house with our guitars all the guards disappeared leaving the Mistress by herself. She took out a sword and challenged us.  We rocked the house once again, but before long Annabel’s guitar was taken by the Mistress.  She started playing it – and before long it was a music war.


Annabel POV*


As she took my guitar she started playing it.  Great. Wonderful.  Now she has a chance to beat us. Wait – I know that song that Oliver taught the Group!  ‘Oliver, the song!’ I said.  ‘OK, are you ready?’ he replied.  ‘Yes,’ I said.  ‘1, 2,3,4,’ Oliver said, as he wailed away on his guitar and then I started to sing. ‘I wake up in the morning, feeling like P.Diddy, grab my glasses, I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit this city.’  My voice only had a small impact, I needed more voices quickly.


Group POV*


We knew that the voice was Annabel’s, but it wasn’t strong enough, she needed us.  We charged in and started singing.  We grabbed the guitar from the Mistress and handed it to Annabel so she could sing and play. Before long the queen started losing her power over the people she ruled and 1 by 1 they started to sing, drum, tap and dance to the beat, and when the song finished the queen disintegrated into a pile of nothing.  The world had been saved.



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Expiry Date

by Grace, St Martin's in the Field High School


One bitter cold day Grace was, in fact, once again in the local newsagent with her £5 note in hand, drooling at the sight of all the mouth-watering sweets in the shop – which she had over a hundred more of at home.  The newsagent watched her, smiling to himself, as she scanned the shelves of Haribo sweets and Vimto Bon Bons in the jars.  


‘I’ll take twelve of these Fruitella packs, please, and one pack of Soft Mints,’ said Grace, emptying the packs of sweets out of the dip in her amazingly baggy jumper she was using to carry the sweets over to the counter.  They all toppled out onto the counter as Grace tiptoed high to escort her sweets out of the bright purple baggy sweater.  Grace placed her £5 note onto the counter, peering at her ton of sweets.


‘Wow! Would you like to add to that, Miss?’ the kind newsagent joked.


‘Phew! Wow, looking at them now, that’s actually quite a lot!  Nevertheless, there’s my lot for today.  I’ll add more to my collection tomorrow!’ exclaimed the sweet-addicted girl, with a very unexpected proud look on her face.  ‘Oh, and thanks, Raj!’ she laughed.


‘That’ll all come to £4.99 please,’ replied the kind newsagent.  


Grace moved her £5 note closer towards Raj to give her money to him.  As Raj put the fiver into the till Grace said, ’Keep the 1p change!’


‘Ha ha, okay, thanks Miss Grace,’ Raj said, putting it back into the till.  ‘So … how is your sweet collection coming on?’ the newsagent asked, leaning forward to talk to Grace over the counter.


‘Not too bad, thanks Raj!  Already over 200,000 … not sure what’s going to happen once they’re all over their expiry date … I’ll have to start all over again.  That’s no problem for me, though,’ Grace sighed.


‘Aha.  Now you must chuck them away once they go off!  You’ll get ants and all sorts of little disgusting creatures.  Your mother, I know, won’t be too pleased about that, Grace! You’re right, it is not problem for you to re-collect them .. but why?  When you don’t eat them?  Why do you collect sweets and leave them not eaten?’ questioned the curious newsagent, Raj.


‘It’s a habit, a really weird habit, Raj.’

No Ordinary Girl

by Jlyn, Michael Faraday Primary School


Crystalyn waved her wand.  When she said ’Snow, snow, snow, don’t blow’, she had the power of making it snow.  Crystalyn was very beautiful.  She had long blonde hair, light brown eyes and white skin.  Every night the moon was always full.  Crystalyn made a wish.  ‘I wish I was an ordinary girl like other people,’ she whispered.  Crystalyn heard the owl hoot.


The sun shone up and melted all the snow away.  Crystalyn was getting ready for school.  Her school was very grand.  Her school was only for princesses.  Crystalyn always thought that to be a princess would be easy, but now she realised it was hard work.  ‘I wish I was an ordinary girl,’ she whispered as she was doing a very grand Sats which was about table manners, which utensil to use, well – something like that.


It was lunch. 12.15 pm.  ‘Finally,’ Crystalyn shouted.  She got embarrassed and sat down in her chair in embarrassment.  She had a best friend called Lilibell.  Lilibell had short brown hair and dark eyes.  Lilibell was an autumn princess, if you would ask.  After lunch was work.


It was home time and when Crystalyn got home she made it snow. She went outside and made an ordinary girl, not a princess but an ordinary girl.  She was heading to the castle when she tripped on something glittery.  It was a box.  A snowflake box.  ‘How did that get there?’ she said in surprise.  She looked at the words and read, ’Every snowflake is unique, it’s true.  Every one is special, just like you.’  Inside was a beautiful pearl.  Crystalyn picked it up and pushed in her chest and said, ’Every snowflake is unique, it’s true. Every one is special, just like you.’  


Something magical happened.


Chapter Two


Magical Adventure


She appeared in a lovely, fresh flowery meadow.  It smelled fresh and the wind blew across her face, with birds singing and robins chirping.

Dude, That’s My Zombie

by Dellon, Michael Faraday Primary School


There was a skateboarding tournament to celebrate the last year of the 20th Century.   There was an event to show off your skills.  


Meanwhile, in the laboratory in an underground base, a monkey was getting a special vaccine.  But as they inserted the syringe the monkey started to get aggressive and also started to get bigger, and as it broke free it started to destroy the lab.  As it dug to the surface it dug right out of the middle of the tournament.  It pulled itself out completely and started to destroy all of the ramps and all of the rails.  


Jamie, a boy skateboarder, noticed all the chaos and shouted, “Armour up!”.


All of a sudden, a whole load of armour and gear came up on him as he charged at the mutated monkey.  


Chapter 1. Home

‘Get off the laptop!’ whined Max.  

‘Just allow him, Michael, he is your little brother,’ said mum.

‘OK,’ I grinned, as I was going to revise before he went to school.

‘You should be revising for your GCSEs – and what if you fail – and –‘

‘Don’t worry, mum, you don’t have to be such a helicopter parent.’

‘Always try your best,’ said dad, with his deep voice, while I was putting on my shoes. My dad was talking about the grown-up things,  like paying for the rent.  ‘The same old, same old,’ I whispered.

‘Pardon?’ said my dad, mocking me because I was whispering …

‘Nothing!’ I bellowed.  I really wanted to help my dad in life.  I knew where England is, that’s good.

Bang, bang as I knocked on my friend Sam’s door.

‘Always try to get grades by not playing that foolish game,’ said Daniel, Sam’s annoying dad who always talked about education.  Even more than my dad, which is seriously a world record.












World’s annoyingest dad

                               1. Daniel – ‘yay’.

                               2. My dad – LOL!


Then me and Sam went to Emily’s house (she is also my friend). So as we were going to school I was talking about this advert saying win £200,000 if you win Zombie Outbreak 2025.  I wanted to make my dad proud. Instead of playing Zombie Slayer 3000 there is a mouse-like button called …(by the way, can you do a drum roll, if you want to) … The Zombie Spawner!


Chapter 2. The Zombie Spawner

The Zombie Spawner is a semi-sphere.  The colours are grey on the top and the side ones are white. There is a button in the middle and on the side there is a switch with numbers at the side.

The switch with the numbers represents how many zombies you want, and the button activates the zombie (which is the coolest bit of the spawner.)  When you touch it, it might blink red and electronically turn you off.  If you are the owner it blinks green and will allow you to use it (you can edit it if you are the right skill level.)

So after school we went down an alleyway and there it was – the Zombie Spawner.  So me and Sam ran down there, trying to get it.  Sam tripped, and I shouted ‘THANK YOU, ROCK!’ Then Emily and Sam giggled.  While Emily was helping Sam up, I finally got it.  It WAS Zombie Spawner.  I asked Emily how to control it.  She said she didn’t know.  

So I got bored because my little brother Max was playing Minecraft, so I went to my grandad’s house.


Chapter 3. Training.

‘Hi,’ I said. He replied saying, “Hello, mate.’  I said to my granddad I found a Zombie Spawner.  Then he said, ‘Let’s go outside.’  He then said, ’Better get a stick,’ so I did.













‘Hold the stick in front of you’.  So I did.  Then he said, ‘Hold the stick behind you.’  So I did.  He said it repeatedly.  So after that I said, ‘Why you keep telling me to do it?’

He picked up a stick and said,’ Hold the stick in front.’  I did and blocked his attack.  Then he said,’ Hold the stick behind you.’  Then I blocked his attack.

‘Well done, you have been proved to be a great zombie,’ my granddad said proudly.  I am awesome, great, that’s why he said it proudly, oh yeah!

So here I am, doing the zombie (which is probably the hardest, but I am awesome, yeah, I can finish.)  

‘Ouch!  Aw, man, I am failing!’

So I summoned my first zombie and I almost died because was getting some tea and biscuits – but then the cops came…


Chapter 4. On The Run

to be continued ...




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The Secrets of the Glasses

by Rene, Michael Faraday Primary School


Chapter 1


I walked past the Bank.  Police everywhere. There had been a robbery a week ago yet the police are STILL looking for evidence so they’ve cut off the shortcut to school and now I have to go the long way!  It was a cold, icy, grim day and I suddenly heard screaming.  I looked to my right and I saw one of my BBF’s, Aaliyah, on the floor with her dad hovering above her. ‘How dare you!’ he said.


I didn’t know whether to run or help.


‘You think you can try and call Childline without me knowing?’ he shouted.  


‘Aaliyah,’ I screamed, and then her dad suddenly stopped being aggressive and disappeared into the alleyway.  Aaliyah slowly walked towards me, eyes wet, legs shaking, clothes in tatters, bottom lip bleeding.  ‘Ever since mum died he has been so abusive, Jayden’ Aalliyah sobbed.


I consoled her a bit and we went on our way to school.


Chapter 2


‘Jayden, Aaliyah,’ said Ms Tonberry.  ‘You two are 15 minutes late!  What do you have to say for yourselves?’  I opened my mouth to tell Ms the events of the morning when Aaliyah stoppd me and said, ‘Sorry, Ms, we are just late.’

‘Probably kissing in the alleyways,’ said Thomas O’Brien (the class joker.)

‘Shut up, Thomas, and grow up,’ my other BF Ashlee said.


We sat in our seats and began the lesson (A VERY BORING ONE AT THAT.)


The Quest

by Reece, Michael Faraday Primary School


‘Mom, I told you I don’t want to have beef in my sandwich,’ Jaden said, annoyed.

‘Sorry,’ his mom screeched back, as Jaden slammed the door.  

I was going to school.  I reached halfway, then I saw a man sprinting.  He stood next to me for a second and then he started running again.  And then I saw another two men running.  I took a deep breath.  Then I told myself this is just a bad dream, and that it is because my mom put in my bag a beef sandwich.  And then my mom came and said, ‘Do you want a lift?’  I said yes.


When I got to school where my friends were waiting. ‘What’s John and Eddie doing?’ I said in my confused voice.  ‘Nothin’,’ they both said at the same time. I laughed.  Then I told about the strange morning I had.  But before I could say anything the school bell rang.  Then I saw Jamie.


Jamie was the school bully, everyone didn’t like him, not even his girl friend. He likes me for picking on.  This was the worst moment in my life. Me and him stared eye to eye.  This was a dream it had to be a dream.  He came my way.  I looked around for my friends but there was no one there.  It was just me and him.  Then I saw the door to my classroom.  It was beside me so I quickly opened it.  By that time he was running.  I just slipped into the classroom. There was the teacher gazing at me.

‘You’re late,’ she said in her sickening voice.

‘Sorry,’ I said back.  I sat down and after that I went home early. As my mom had just turned up, so I quickly got in. On the way I saw the man who was running – he had got knocked over. Then I felt something in my pocket move. I took it out and I saw it was a USB stick.  I went to my room and saw my computer.


I stuck the USB stick into my hard drive.  As I did, my computer automatically turned on. Then I saw this twirly thing on my computer.  I thought it was carrying a virus, or hypnotising. Then I felt my body slowly go to pieces and fly.  It felt good, but where was I going, what if I died?  Oh no!  I was in for it.  Then appeared a ledge near to a lake.  As an old man came by I asked him ‘where am I?’  He said, ‘Near to a lake,’ and he giggled.  Next second I saw a beggar gripping onto my leg really tightly.  As soon as I looked at him he said “I beg you, can I have coins?’  I replied ‘Take this’. I gave him ten dollars and walked off until ‘Can I have real money please,’ he begged.  I turned around in astonishment. ‘What did you say?’ I said. ‘I gave you ten dollars. You can get something to eat and drink.’ ‘Sorry,’ and he ran off.  What does he think this was?  Goo goo? Then I saw a sign saying ‘This way to the city’.  I told myself ‘Finally, people with common sense.’  But I was mistaken …


When I reached the city I asked the same question to all different people.  But instead of saying the lake they said in the city. ‘Oh my days, this is really…’ Then I remembered that USB.  It was what I put in my hard drive.  Then I grabbed a hard drive and I put it in and suddenly I appeared at my desk.  It was six o’clock and I came down for dinner.  My heart raced.  All different sounds were blazing in my head.  I ate as fast as I could and then called my friends over.  They came at 7.30 and I told them my secret.  Eddie thought it was awesome and John couldn’t believe it.  Then John said, ‘All by this USB stick?’  ‘Yes,’ I replied.  ‘This is awesome,’ said Eddie in awe.  


As John snatched th USB from Eddie my dog came in.  I said,’ What is it, boy?’

Then he led me down.  A tear dripped from my eye.  My throat went sore. ‘This must be a dream,’ I said, ‘My mom is dead...’ And a man laughed.

This was the worst day of my life.  I was in hate and ruin. This was what I told myself, next time I would, but I never did.


by Anna, St Martin's in the Field High School


Chapter 1

Devastated. That’s how I felt when my parents told me the dreadful news that would have ruined my life, if I hadn’t done something. My name is Xi and this is my story…

“Sweetie, come out for dinner would you?” Shabeena called through Xi’s bedroom door.

This was a rare occasion in the Quazi household. Xi’s eight brothers and sisters were out and there was an edgy atmosphere in the shack. Xi could smell mouth-watering goat curry, chicken tikka and her father, Adnum’s, special lamb rogan josh. Xi could sense a special occasion as she walked down the hallway. She went to the small coffee table that they called the Kitchen Table. They sat on the floor, their curries laid out before them. The family of three started small talk and helped themselves to curry. Xi was feeling like her parents were stiff. They seemed to have something to say, but they couldn’t get it out. Xi decided to break the tension,

“Mother and father I can sense that you need to say something, and I would like you to tell me,” she said.


Chapter 2

Adnum and Shabeena looked at each other nervously. Shabeena gave Adnum a small nod and she began to speak,

“Xi, this point of your life is very important. It is now two days before your eighteenth birthday and you are very excited. Ever since you were born, actually when you were in my stomach…”

Shabeena started to cry and Adnum cleared his throat and started to speak,

“Ever since you have been alive we have arranged for you to be married to a wealthy man in the city on your eighteenth birthday,”

Xi immediately felt warm, salty tears stream down her coffee coloured cheeks. She stood up but her father grabbed her wrist,

“You will stay and finish your curry. We are doing the best for you. Do not treat us like rubbish,” Adnum shouted.

“Do not say that. Just don’t say another word,” Xi screamed and stormed out of the house crying.


Chapter 3

Xi didn’t come home all night. She went down to the river to plan her escape. Her mother knew where she would be and went to see Xi, but didn’t tell Adnum.

Shabeena came and sat down next to Xi,

“Why did you do this to me mother,” Xi whispered.

Xi was silent after that, staring into the distance.

“It wasn’t me. I would have never this to you. Especially me,”

“What do you mean, especially me?” Xi asked, puzzled.

Shabeena looked away, her face getting redder.

“Xi, I have wanted to say this for a very long time. I had an arranged marriage with your father, Adnum. I have been miserable all my life.”

Xi was shocked. She has always seen her mother as a smiling, hard-working wife and mother. Xi and Shabeena huddled together crying.

“I have a plan,” Shabeena said through tears.

“You will meet Abdullah on the day of your wedding. He will fix your transport and you will escape. It will be dangerous and scary, but you will do it because I know you are strong.”

Xi was happy at this news, but it felt like a tornado was ripping her apart. She was going to lose her mother and family, but escaping was the news she wanted.


Chapter 4

It was the day before my wedding/birthday. Believe me, I was scared. My wedding clothes would be my older sister’s sequined, orange sari. I felt privileged, but I knew it would be a waste…

The venue was agreed. It would be the open compound near the rainforest. The cloths were agreed, the sequined orange sari that her sister wore to her wedding. The food was agreed. Xi’s auntie Reeta would cook curries to feed the thousands. The only thing not agreed was the weather. Xi had the guts to run away.

Abdullah was a middle-aged man who owned an elephant. He ran a small business near the rainforest and took tourists on tours of the jungle. His company was failing, and as he was growing older the business was failing too. Shabeena persuaded the man to give up his elephant for five hundred rupees.


Chapter 5

When it came to goodbyes there were none. Xi escaped in the early hours of the morning and found a small backpack at the foot of her bed. It was obvious her mother had packed it. Xi was getting cold feet, literally her feet were freezing. She was also having thoughts about backing down.

Xi wrapped a scarf around her head and stepped out into the darkness of the night. It was about 11.00pm. It was dark, it was silent. The only noise Xi could hear was her racing heart. She ran to meet Abdullah and Kive the elephant.


Chapter 6

When she got to Abdullah’s house he helped her mount Kive the elephant.

“Brave thing you are doing. Good luck with your journey,”

Xi nodded her thanks and she was off. Off on an elephant, off on an adventure.


Cold Jokers

by Michael, Michael Faraday Primary School


Chapter 1 Nathan

Nathan is ordinary. He goes to school, comes back and is popular. He has a girlfriend (who is hot, at least that is what everyone thinks). But at night he is ‘Cold Joker’ and slays killers all the time. Cold Joker is a hit man and has been training for two years. Ever since his mum and dad died and he went to live in America with his fifty-five year old, Greek granddad, Achilles. That’s when his life changed forever…

Nathan was sitting down, minding his own business, playing with his black hair, which he does himself. Back in the UK he played football for Tottenham, (he has got a six pack girls, don’t worry).

Anyway, Achilles stormed in and said,

“How old are you?”

Nathan was shocked.

“Erm, twelve. Why?” said Nathan.

Achilles was surprised to hear it.

“Did your dad tell you what I used to do?” Achilles asked eagerly.

“Yeah, he told me you were the boss of a company,” Nathan said proudly.


Nathan’s mood changed instantly.

“You have much to learn Nathan…”


Chapter 2 – What?

Nathan wanted to run, he wanted to get away. He wanted someone to pinch him.

“Nathan! Calm down,”

“No! I never wanted to be like you,” he screamed and slammed his bedroom door.

“Nathan do you want to know what happened to your parents? They were murdered by Snake, a great killer who shows no mercy. I was a hit-man from 1975 – 2003, and now ten years later I am training you, my twelve year old grandson, to get revenge for the people who have been killed.”


Chapter 3 – Answers

Nathan thought for three days before he accepted Achilles offer. Achilles trained him for two years until Nathan asked,

“Is it time yet?”

“No,” said Achilles, “but I have a challenge for you. Go and find someone called Jonathan, he is eighteen and lives in New York.”


Chapter 4 – New York

Nathan travelled to New York and searched for a week and found no Jonathan, so he rang Achilles, no answer, he rang again but there was no answer. Nathan was worried. While sitting in the hotel that Achilles had reserved for Nathan. Click! Nathan heard the door knob, it turned. Nathan was walking towards the door when he though ‘why has the rattling stopped’ … Bang!The door burst open.

“Who are you?!”  Both voices shouted at the same time.

“What is your name,” Nathan asked nervously, “Jonathan…?”

Chapter 5 – Jonathan

“What’s your name,” questioned Jonathan.

“Nathan Tyson,” Nathan said proudly.

“Brother! I’ve found you finally! Come here,”

Ring ring, ring ring! Nathan answered.

“Nathan, is that you? Have you met your brother? Anyway, Snake has captured me! I’m at the Empl –,” Achilles voice cut off.

“- who is this?” Snake said in his thick Russian accent, “you are a dead man!”

Nathan told Jonathan everything, even his secret that he thought of putting a joker card on all of his victims.


Chapter 6 – Cold Brothers

“Jonathan come with me to kill that Russian mother f****r,” Nathan said aggressively.

Slap! “Achilles told us to never lose our cool. Wait, your name isn’t Nathan, its Cold Joker and I’m Cold Dragon and we’re the Cold Brothers,” Jonathan boasted.

Nathan was ready to get revenge for Achilles and for his parents.

“Snake will DIE!”


Chapter 7 – Snake’s goin’ down

Nathan’s running to his car, jumps through the window (like a boss), Jonathan does the same. They speed past traffic, when Bang!

All of a sudden windows were breaking, shots were fired, and people were screaming, cars crashing and Cold Brothers killing with no mercy.

“Let’s do this!” shouted Nathan.

“Nathan I, I love you man,” Jonathan said emotionally.

The car screeches to a stop and Jonathan jumps out. Nathan runs after him. There is a click and then a bang!

“Jonathan!” Nathan screams.

“It’s time Nathan,” Achilles said trying to force Snakes hand off his neck,

“It’s not Nathan … its Cold Joker,”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Snakes body hits the cold ground with three bullets in his brain.

“Jonathan, can you hear me?” Cold Joker cried.

“Cold Joker, don’t forget me…”

Chapter 8 – The Funeral

Ding dong! The church bells rang, the family cried, Cold Joker stood.

“Can I say something please? Jonathan told me never to forget him, and how could I. He is still with us, not mortally, but he is right in our hearts…”

The End

Operation Snake

by Shania, St Martin's in the Field High School


A giant snake, green and blue, fell from the roof. The children ran into a Fun House but the snake followed. They ran into the mirror maze and split up.

Willow and Marcus walked around armed with weapons and looked in the mirrors and saw the snake coming towards them. Quickly Marcus threw his phone at it, loud Nikki Minaj music played, making the snake vibrate.

“That’s it! Music destroys it,” Willow cried.

She grabbed the phone and turned it up to loud and threw it at the snake. It began to vibrate then exploded.

Willow and Marcus went to find the others and they all ran out. Where was everyone? The Amusement Park was empty. The only sound to be heard was a hiss in the distance. The children ran into the dress-up shop .

“Guys we have to fight back, the snakes want a battle but we will give them a war,” said Luke.

“He has got a point, we have already lost a true mate, let’s not lose anyone else. I’ve got a plan, we need music, weapons and our minds,” Willow said.

Marcus jumped in and said, “The snakes explode when music is played too loud,”

“Let’s do this guys,” Kai said.

They began building weapons: Willow and Kai got five huge speakers and made a playlist of Nikki Minaj songs, and hid them all around the park. Kai, Luke and Nia created weapons out of mustard and ketchup filled water guns.

“Corndogs! Cotton Candy! Caramel Apples! Rides! I love the amusement park. OMG guys lets go on the life-o-drop, wait let’s get popcorn,” screamed Marcus, “Kai, Nia, Willow, Britney and Luke let’s go!”

“Keep your hands off the buttons and make sure you wait for the ride to start before you scream,” said the ride conductor. Just then an old lady, as white as white paint, with snake skin in her hair, cried:  

“You are cursed! I curse you all - snakes will feed on your souls!”

Then the woman ran away and the ride began.


“What was that about,” said Kai.

“Stupid woman,” said Nia, “oh well.”

The ride began but suddenly the lights turned off. It was silent, all that could be heard was hissing as the snakes fell from the vent. The children screamed, the ride began again and fell one hundred feet. The snakes attacked but the children were able to dodge them. The snakes were everywhere! Kai kicked the door open just as the ride finished. They all ran out, breathing heavily. But where was Britney? They ran back.

“Britney?! Argh,” Willow cried.    

Britney’s skin was half eaten and her right eye had been devoured. A snake was wrapped around her neck. She was dead!


“Let’s go guys,” said Willow.

She tugged her little sister Nia and they went to complain to the manager. No one spoke, they all cried.

They saw the old lady and followed her to the food stand. Just then they heard a hiss and they all got their weapons and walked out into the Amusement Park.  Nia hissed to attract the snakes and they slithered in. Willow then pressed the button on the remote and the music played out loud. The snakes began to vibrate and explode one by one. They all hugged each other when suddenly the snake came back alive and attacked them. Willow was pushed to the ground and the snake devoured her. Her skull was cracked and she was dead.


“Argh guys, a little help,” screamed Luke.

He was tied into the tracks of the rollercoaster. Then, the snakes got into the rollercoaster and started the ride. Luke’s body was sliced in half. Luke was dead. Kai and Marcus were strangled by the snakes, blood poured from their ears, nose and mouth. Their bodies exploded from the pressure. Last of all was young Nia who the snakes jumped on.  

“Argh,” screamed Nina.

She woke up in her bedroom.

“It was all a dream?”

Her parents and Willow ran in.

“Are you alright Willow,” she asked, “I had a dream about snakes!”

“Sweetie there are no snakes in New York,” said her dad.

Hiss hiss hiss… Argh!


The End

Lost in Ghana

by Genette, Sacred Heart Primary School


“Where am I? What is this place?” asked Jasmine to herself, nearly having a panic attack.

The air was as warm as a radiator turned up to the highest level. The hot ball of fire looked down on the land as dogs, cats, chickens and people moved here and there in such a rush. Looking out the corner of her eye Jasmine spotted a strange looking man in dark cloths holding a small gun that was pointing at Jasmine.

“Oh my lord, please help me!” prayed Jasmine.

She ran as swiftly as her legs could take her behind a fat tree trunk, just seconds before the bullet shot out as quick as a flash.

“Damn it,” shouted the man angrily as he went in his car, looking for another victim.

“Phew,” said Jasmine blowing air from her nostrils.

“How about I go this way,” asked Jasmine calmly pointing to her right.

As she carelessly walked on, a frightening looking clown suddenly appeared in front of Jasmine, making her squeal, because clowns were one of her biggest fears.

“BALOONS! 50$!” chanted the clowns in Jasmine’s ear.

“I don’t have any money so may you please EXCUSE ME!” shouted Jasmine furiously.

Although Jasmine didn’t want a balloon the clown still gave her a balloon. 3, 2, 1 … POP! Out of nowhere the strange balloon popped in Jasmine’s hand and out fell a dark brown crumpled piece of paper.

“What is this?” asked Jasmine curiously.

As she slowly opened the scrunched up piece of paper Jasmine’s heart started beating as loud as the bang of a drum.  

“Fa – rang – u – lar,” said Jasmine, trying to sound out the name.

This name was an off-license shop just opposite Jasmine.

“Bull-ya,” shouted Jasmine as she sprinted as fast as a rocket powered cheetah.

Scanning the shop up and down, left and right, Jasmine found exactly what she needed! She found two cents lying on a pile of orange leaves, bathing in the sun.

“YES!” screamed Jasmine jumping pride.

A whole load of people were staring at Jasmine with their eyebrows up and shaking their heads.

“That was SO humiliating,” whispered Jasmine.

Slowly pulling the key from her bag Jasmine breathed in and out heavily, as if it was some sort of challenge.

“This is it,” said Jasmine.

Suddenly, the clown that gave her the balloon with the shop name in it came skipping joyfully towards Jasmine.

“Thank you ever so much! I wouldn’t be going home if it wasn’t for you,” said Jasmine as she hugged him.

“It is my pleasure,” replied the clown as he smiled back, “Have a safe journey.”

She put the key in the glimmering silver hole. Suddenly a telephone appeared in front of the Ghanaian’s very eyes.

“Whoah!” said the people as they gazed at the telephone.

“Bye Mr Clown!” shouted Jasmine as she disappeared.

“I’ll miss you,” whispered the clown.

“I’m home now mum,” shouted Jasmine from the front door.  

As soon as she placed her bag in the corridor Jasmine shot out the front door again to tell all her friends about her adventure. It then became the main story in the news, ever in Ghana!

The End  

The Magic Purse

by Melanie, Sacred Heart Primary School


Chapter 1

On a warm summers day a fourteen year old girl called Jacky went to ‘Jewels4U’ to find some new jewellery. She was a selfish rich girl who was very lonely because of her rudeness. Jacky could NEVER say a nice word! She wore makeup all the time and was very skinny and beautiful. Although she hadn’t been to any different countries she really wanted to travel the world.

In the jewellery shop Jacky spotted a lovely red handbag. Thinking she looked wonderful wearing it, she skipped to the till to buy it. When she returned home Jacky put everything she needed from her old £100 handbag into the new one, but she found a key and some money in the new bag. Eagerly Jacky searched for the lock and eventually she found a tiny slot that the key could fit in! She put it in. Someone spoke…

“Put a note in me,”

She picked up the money and realised that they were from different countries, one from Ghana, one from Ireland and one from Iran. Confused, Jacky carefully put the note from Ghana inside and suddenly she got pulled into the bag and then out again. Jacky landed on a sandy beach.

Walking along the river, Jacky found out by lots of clues that she was in Ghana!


Chapter 2

While Jacky was carelessly eating her double chocolate ice cream on the beach a frightening clown approached right behind her. The clown’s name was Happy. However, he wasn’t ever happy. He was so evil that he would even try to kill his own family!Jacky turned around at the sound of his voice. It was very high pitched and he was pretending he was a nice clown.

“Would you like a balloon?” asked Happy.

Jacky said that she didn’t want one, but he gave her one anyway. Suddenly, the balloon popped and out came blood as red as a ripe tomato and it fell all on Jacky. She was furious! She didn’t know what to do.Jacky ran as fast as she could to the sea to wash the blood off her and she thought that she would sue Happy. However, she couldn’t speak Ghanaian. As Jacky walked out of the sea, she thought ‘How come that clown knew I could speak English? It must be my looks’.

Then a massive tsunami flowed across the land! It was a flood! Jacky tried her best to climb a coconut tree so she wouldn’t get hurt. Once she reached the top she started to cry and had a thought that this was happening because she was so rude and she would never give anyone, anything of hers. Also, she was bullying people and she put a pin on her teacher’s seat.Jacky made a promise that she would be kind to everyone, help the hungry, comfort people and cheer people up. Jacky decided to help the people who were hurt and needed to be comforted.  




By Faith, Michael Fraday Primary School


Chapter 1 – My family

I walked into the room from school, exhausted. I could smell the smell of Beer so I knew my evil stepfather was home, unfortunately. My mum and dad had gotten a divorce, my mum met this guy in a bar, and they were instantly in love. Thirty days later they were in a wedding ceremony and that was when he became my father. I think Joe (my stepfather) married my mum because she has a lot of money.

“Oi!” said Joe.

“Yes Joe,” I said.

“Pass two more bottles of beer,”

“But you will get drunk,”

“I don’t care, pass then to me now you thicko”

So I passed him two more bottles of beer and left him in the living room by himself, so I didn’t have to watch him get drunk. I walked up the stairs so I could say hi to my mum.

“Hi mum,” I said softly then gave her a hug.

“How was school?” she said curiously.

“It was fine. By the way Joe is drinking two more bottles of beer so he will get drunk.”

“Why didn’t you stop him?”

“I did but he never listens to me!”

“Right, I will go and check on him,”

I went into my room to change my uniform, got my Blackberry and text one of my best friends called Ellie about which shops we would like to go to in the holidays.

“Sarah!” shouted Joe

“Yes,” I said

“Come ‘ere,”

I ran down to the living room. As I looked at my stepdad he started to shout at me.

“Why did you tell your mother I had more beer?”

“She asked me what you were doing,”

“He can have beer if he wants beer,” said mum

“What?” I said

“Did he force you to allow him to have more beer or are you serious?” I said curiously, “I cannot believe you’re on his side. I hate both of you.”

I stomped into my room and thought of an idea for me to get away from my parents. So I decided I would run away.


Chapter 2 – Runaway

While my parents were sleeping I packed my bags and headed off. I ran and ran so I could be far away from home.

A few hours later I felt extremely hungry so I decided to steal food from a shop with no metal detectors.

I saw this convenience store and walked inside. When the shopkeeper was not looking I quickly grabbed some ready salted crisps, two cans of coca cola, some snickers, mars bars and sweets. I ran out when the man shouted,

“Oi! Why are you stealing from my shop? I’m calling the police!”

Three hours later I was in a police station with a very large policeman asking me questions.

“You are not going to jail now because it is your first time and you are young, but if you do this again you will be in jail for thirty days,” said the policeman, “now off you go.”

‘I will never tell anyone about this,’ I said to myself and carried on running until I was exhausted. Then I saw this twelve year old boy lying on the floor crying. So I went up to him.

“Why are you crying,” I said

“I’ve got no family and I’ve got nowhere to live,” he cried

“I know where you can stay.”        

Our Last Hours

by Amy, St Martin's in the Field High School


Who am I now? A girl? A boy? Nobody?

Well I really am nobody, just an abandoned soul.


I wake up every day mourning, grieving and regretting, just not knowing what to even do.  Mum’s gone and so has dad.  Where’s everybody else?  Gone.  I didn’t ask for this, for mum to be murdered and dad to just disappear and for me to stumble upon his useless corpse.  I guess there’s hope but I definitely can’t see it.


Monday, June 23rd 2060

Maggie, one of the little girls from the orphanage, came into my room today.  She told me that we were having a clear-out in the orphanage and told me to go upstairs into the attic.  There I saw thousands of old pieces of junk just lying there, waiting to become newly claimed.  There I saw a cassette.  It said on the bottom ‘Play’.  I was intrigued.


I went up to my bedroom and picked up my radio.  I heard Cleo calling me, or as I like to call her ‘The Great Abuser.’  ‘Sophie! Sophie!’ she called. ‘Answer you idiot!’  ‘What?’ I said.  She didn’t reply.  I carried on with what I was doing, I placed the cassette into the tape part of the radio.  I didn’t really know what it was called.  I pressed ‘play’ and I heard a girl screaming, her piercing scream caused me to cover my ears; I wasn’t surprised.  The girl then started to scream in pitches, from high to low.  It sounded like mum when she was about to die, after her sick boyfriend sunk a knife into her chest; I still remember the sound of her screams.   It was similar to mum’s screams, it definitely reminded me of her.




I blinked twice and couldn’t stop blinking. The tape reminded me of a story that mum used to tell me. It was about mum when she used to plan protests with her activist groups. The government never wanted people to speak out and express their opinions, anybody who did … well you’d never hear from them until the judgement day where the people of the land would decide if they’d be able to stay alive or be stoned to death. Mum had this happen to her but she escaped, changed her features and had me, all at the age of a young 16 year old.  Dad wasn’t really around until he faced the facts that he is, and will always be, a father, so I guess you could say he kind of disowned me, but I don’t care. Mum said that she would find me a replacement dad and look where that got her.  I really don’t know what to do with this cassette until the morning, so I guess I’ll just have to have the taste of fear on my tongue all night.


Tuesday, June 24th 2060

There I awake, in a pool of sweat, just thinking about yesterday’s situation.  Nobody in the orphanage knew about this except my walls and my disturbed thoughts.  Suddenly there was a knock at my door.  ‘Who is it?’ I asked worriedly.  ‘Just open the door, we don’t want any confrontation.’  I slowly stepped towards my door.  I opened it and there I saw Paul and Lola, the two heads of the orphanage.  ‘You haven’t been coming down to dinner, lunch or breakfast over the last 3 weeks, Sophie,’ Lola said, while pursing her lips disapprovingly and flicking her long blonde hair out of her face. ‘Well maybe I just don’t feel like eating! Or I just hate it here so much I would rather rot in my room than eat your food,’ I retorted, a little too loudly.  ‘Well, Sophie, let’s have an agreement, you won’t have breakfast, lunch or dinner until you’re adopted, and we all know that is never going to happen until you sort yourself out,’ Paul shouted, while scanning me up and down.  ‘Just another notice, we will be checking all the children’s rooms from 12pm until 9 pm to look for an old piece of evidence,’ Lola said menacingly, then shut the door in my face as if she knew what she was going to stumble upon in my room.


Think, think, think.  I looked at my clock and it was 11.30.  I had exactly 30 minutes to hide the cassette from Lola and Paul.  They were definitely part of something destructive; I always knew that they were part of something, something interesting.


12 pm, time to act.


It was time. I heard a knock at my door. ‘OPEN YOUR DOOR, SOPHIE.’  I did what I was told and opened the door, but slowly and cautiously.  There I saw Lola and Paul along with 5 other men in black riot suits.  I gulped and then eventually let them inside my room.  They searched everywhere but the insides of my shoes.  I thought they were going to give up, but oh, was I wrong!


I saw Lola look at my worried face.  She walked over to Paul and then started to whisper in his ear.  Lola definitely knew that something was going on – and then announced something that destroyed my life forever.


Wednesday, June 25th 2060

They found out, they found the cassette and the results were worse than I imagined.


After the 5 men found the cassette they bundled me into this great big black van and started to ask me questions – but I wouldn’t answer.  Then they chose to send me to Lockdown Prison to break me and try to get me to answer their questions.  First they tried to burn my arms, stretch my skin and throw things at me, and they’re continuing today.  I’m locked in a black prison cell with the walls oozing with mud and slime.  I didn’t think that it would end like this.


Not like this at all.  I wanted to die yesterday and made 3 suicide attempts at Lockdown.  Another day of torture today but I’ve got to get used to it.


My final hours are coming up, they’ve broken me and gone to the extreme to get what they want.  I’ll be joining mum and dad soon, up in the clouds of Heaven.


That’s it, I’ve got to die.  They gave me an option to just end it right now by taking an overdose.  That’s what I’ll do. I’m sorry, world, that I couldn’t save you from evil but there’ll be another hero.


I took my life on June 30th, 5 days to choose where my last hours would be, here in a Lockdown Prison cell.













                                                                                     St John Baptist Primary School



I am glad to have a home and a shelter, food and drink, even a place to play. I am more fortunate that other children who don’t have anything. Yes, I have everything a person could need … in my house up a tree.










I sleep in a long thick tree branch with soft moss on the bottom of it. Just above this branch is another long thick branch for shelter from the rain.

I get my food from all the fruitful trees around my home. These fruits are pretty, and the most wonderful of colours comes from them.








My water comes from a rushing stream, ten steps from my home. This stream has beautiful stones and rocks at the bottom. It is also very clear. So clear that if you looking the water you see your reflected self staring back at you.









I have no family and no friends … except Scruff, my buddy the badger, who I found in some brambles. Without a mother or father you must think that I don’t know or have a name. Well, I do – David Johnson. I didn’t make this up; don’t think that for one minute. The tree that I grew up in had a name written on it, and also it said, ‘to our dearest son’.









I have never known my parents; I don’t even know what they look like. If I could see them now, this is what I think they would look like:

My father would be handsome and tall with hair just like mine, straight and brown. His eyes would be brown too, with a soft touch of kindness. His skin would be orangey brown because of being in the sun for too long.

My mother would be beautiful with a smile on her face. I think she would have long wavy hair that blew in the wind. Her eyes would also be brown with a soft touch of love. Her skin would be like mine and Dad’s, orangey brown.


I lay thinking, if only I could find out something about them; but I never would be able to. I grew up in that tree. I’m probably going to die in it too. Nothing was going to change … or so I thought.

Giving a huge sigh a tear rolled down my face, ‘nothing was going to change, nothing was going to happen, nothing was going to become of my parents.’


It was at that very moment when my life began to turn up-side down. A horn began to sound in the distance like a humming bug. As it gradually got louder and louder, the galloping of horses began to drum in my ear. The beat went on and on and on and then … it stopped. I couldn’t look down at the sight for my mind was on a whole different planet.




When I awoke I found that I was surrounded by six people and two big dogs. Opening my eyes wide, I stood up.

‘I think he’s lost,’ said a young lady with wavy brown hair, tied back so the wind could not blow her hair into her face, and a pink cap on her head.

‘Do you have a name?’ asked a man who stood next to her. This man was tall with ginger hair and a huge grin began to appear.

‘My name is David Johnson,’ was my answer.









The man and the lady stood in silence looking right at me. I had never seen anyone look at me like that before. Their eyes were full of wonder and disbelief.









Finally getting the words into her mouth, the lady began to stutter, ‘You … you … you’re Da … David Johnson? Could this be true?’

The ginger- haired man turned to two men who were behind me. ‘It could be possible.

Behind the men by my tree two ladies gave out a scream of excitement – they had seen my name written on the tree. Feeling the letters that were written on my home tree, the lady with long blond hair flicked her hair with soft white hands and said, ‘I think he should come with us.












We should take him to Lady Fig Johnson.’The ginger-haired man pointed to the horses.

Looking up I saw something that I never thought I’d see. Scruff was lying still in a pool of blood. The badger was in an endless sleep – dead.









I stood staring. My dead friend. He was my only friend in the world, who like me had no mother or father.  



I was led to the horses. I got onto the horse with much struggle for I had never been on a horse before. At first I didn’t know what they were - huge, different-coloured animals. Telling me what the animals were called, the lady (with tied-back hair and a cap resting on it) whose name was Gill, helped me onto the horse that she had been riding on. This horse was as white as snow, as soft as dry sand, her beautiful eyes were warm and comforting; her name was Snowflake. Her eyes were deep grey, soft and kind. She stood like an angel, and galloped softly and smoothly.


My favourites out of all of them were Amber and Jamie. They reminded me of my description of my parents. They were both orangey brown colours with brown hair. Jamie’s mane was straighter than Amber’s. This made him just like I imagined my father. Also like I imagined my mother, Amber had the same brown wavy hair. Eyes soft and full of kindness, love and joy. Feeling really warm near them, I began to hug and kiss Amber and then Jamie.



While we were riding to Lady Fig’s house, no one talked much. Only once or twice people would say, ‘Lady Fig is posh, you know,’ or ‘She will get you all cleaned up,’ and ‘Your Aunt will be happy to see you.’

When we finally reached a huge house, Gill carried me to the door, knocked, and left.


A lady answered – Lady Fig Johnson.  




(to be continued)

face 1 face 2 son horse blood badger 1 Scruff name cropped Tree fruit water


By Kai, Michael Faraday Primary School



My name is Matt and I was a paratrooper in WW2. I joined the army in 1942, two years before D-day. I was on the bus home from the farm that I work on when I saw an advertisement for the American Paratroopers.  I thought, what are they?

When I got home, I told my parents that I was going the join the American Paratroopers.

‘Please don’t go!’ pleaded Mum.

But Dad let me. ‘You got to do what you got to do,’ said Dad.

So the next day I went to the recruitment office. I said, ‘Could I join the Paratroopers, Sir? ‘

‘How old are you?’

‘Eighteen, Sir!’ I replied.

‘Ok, I’ll let you in!’



Once I and my fellow soldiers were at the training ground, our Sergeant introduced himself. ‘I am Sergeant Jack. You will now refer to me as Sir.’

‘Yes, Sir!’ we all said.

The first thing we did was practising to jump. So we jumped off a huge wooden stand that was about three metres up in the air. At first I was petrified but I was pushed off by a comrade called Private Jeremy. I landed hard on the ground.

‘Why the heck did you do that?’

‘I dunno!’ said Jeremy.



I was taken to the medical room and it wasn’t anything major but they said that I had to take it easy.

A few days later I was ready for training. Every morning we ran up a cliff then down again. Once we had finished, our sergeant said, ‘Now we are going to the Firing Range.’


When we got there, I was given a Bren gun. When I first fire, my shots were all over the place, but then I saw the sight. So I looked through the metal circle and I aimed for the centre of the plywood man, and I pulled the trigger and put a thirty-calibre round of lead through the plywood man’s chest.

‘Very good shot!’ said Sergeant Jack. ‘Let’s see if you can do that to the woman!’

After we had finished target practice, we went to lunch. I said to the cook, ‘What’s on the menu?’

‘Spaghetti Bolognese!’



Now we were going to practise jumping from a real airplane. So they ordered us to get into the plane.

My buddy Own said, ‘Wow, our first real jump!’

‘Yeah, pretty cool, huh?’ I said.

The red light flashed, and Sergeant Jack shouted, ‘Stand up!’ So everyone stood up. After that we started to check our comrades’ parachutes.

Once that was the done, the green light flashed.

‘Go, go, go!’ our Sergeant shouted.

When it was my turn, I didn’t even look back. I just jumped out.

I landed quite softly but the wind was dragging me so I got my knife and cut the parachute.

We were transported back to the training ground.  They told us were ready for the jump. The real jump.



When we were just about to board the plane, they said, ‘There will be no jump tonight. I repeat, there will be no jump tonight.’  I couldn’t believe it. All this training and then cancel. How could they do that>

Well, we’re definitely going to jump tonight. We were given sickness tablets for the flight.

As soon as the green light came on we all jumped out. This time I landed hard. Straight away I looked for a comrade.

Eventually after trekking through woods, I found Jeremy.

We were walking on, when an enemy shot Jeremy. I got to a log, and returned fire. All of my shot missed. The next thing I knew he was shooting at me.

Once he stopped I fired back, and then I reloaded.

I got up to fire, and so did he. My bullet must have been much better aimed, because I shot him in the head and he fell dead.

After a while, I found a comrade. I didn’t know his name, but he seemed nice. We decided to rest until dawn. We had food, and then went to sleep.



When we woke up we decided to look for a group. We walked until we found a group of seven paratroopers. ‘Thank God we found a group,’ my companion said.

‘We are glad that you found us,’ said one of the soldiers.

Suddenly a Wehrmacht soldier started firing at us. I turned round and shot him in the chest, and he fell down dead.

We hurried away from that area. We came to some rocks to rest, when Wehrmacht soldiers started firing.


[to be continued ….]


William Sakyi and Sanjay Beckford, Sacred Heart Primary School


CHAPTER 1: Secret Meeting


It all started with a dead body. The three friends were in the garden burying a dead guinea pig.

Suddenly Michael hit something hard. It was a stony dirty old sculptured head.

William picked it up and immediately a piece of paper shot out, heading towards Sanjay, who bellowed out, ‘Ouch!’

Michael whispered, ‘Be quiet, because we’re not supposed to be out here.’


Without warning, Kemera came out and picked up the piece of paper and read it.


CHAPTER 2: The Code


On the script it said, ‘-/-\ /3-\C-/3v’  


Michael whispered, ‘What in the world does that mean?’

‘I don’t know,’ answered everyone else.

‘I know who could help. Zach and Cody – they’re specialists in code breaking,’ said Kemera. ‘But it will cost you £2.00 each. ‘

‘What? £2.00 each! You must be crazy!’ said the boys.

‘Ok. If you don’t want to find out about the secret behind the code …’ Kemera said cleverly.

‘Fine! We pay.’


CHAPTER 3: Transportation

As soon as William, Michael, Kemera and Sanjay woke up they rushed to the code-breakers, Zach and Cody’s house to ask them if they could help break the mysterious code.

‘Knock, knock,’ shouted Michael.

‘Who are these people?’ responded Cody.

‘It’s me, Kemera with my brothers and their friend.’

‘Oh, we will let you in, then,’ replied Zach.

‘We were wondering if you would unlock this code,’ questioned William.

‘Yeah, sure, we can unlock that code easily. Just let us have a look and sign into our code breaker computer,’ said Zach.

The three friends and Kemera followed Zach and Cody to their room. When Zach and Cody looked at the code, they realised it was an old one, so they would have to sign in their dad’s account so he could unlock the code.


When Zach signed in, he was amazed about how much code breaking his Dad had done. So first he looked at what his dad had done with his code breaking life and it took about 20 minutes before he tried to unlock the code.  It was hard, but in the end, the code said, ‘Mount Rushmore.’

‘Mount Rushmore – what does that mean?’ shouted Sanjay.

Then suddenly a rushing sound filled the air and all the books fell to the ground and a portal appeared …


CHAPTER 4: The not so expected

The portal was a blue colour turning in a circular motion. The children were stunned to witness the marvellous sight. The first person to walk in was Michael, followed by Sanjay, then nervously by William.

Suddenly the portal shut and a gust of wind hit Kemera, Cody and Zach.

Sanjay suddenly had the stony head in his hands.

‘Where are we?’ exclaimed William.

‘Wait a minute! We’re at Mount Rushmore,’ said Sanjay.

‘Maybe you’re right,’ replied Michael.

‘It looks a bit different from images,’ exclaimed William.

So Sanjay started to climb up the wall and they all followed, except William. He stayed behind and watched!


CHAPTER 5:  The Riddle

Surprisingly a cry for help was heard as Sanjay started to slip. Suddenly the head dropped. William caught it as it clattered into the wall. A tunnel opened and Michael climbed down carefully.

When they were in their comfort zone, they travelled to the top of the mountain and placed the head in its place. As Michael gasped for air, a piece of paper came out.


It was not a code this time, but a riddle. It read …


Hello, Hello, you have found me, have you not?

United Kingdom is where I shall rest.

So find me in the south west.

Ask the villagers for the old golden chest.

Money is all I request.


[to be continued]


by Karolina, Sacred Heart Primary School




‘Where are we going?’ asked Sunset curiously. Then Mum exclaimed, ‘We are going to Paris! Tomorrow! Nan bought us some tickets!’

Excited sisters hugged their mum. Singing, we ran up to our rooms, hearing Mum shout, ‘Girls, pack your bags!’

So we started packing our cameras, clothes, hats, phones, books and favourite things.

When the time came we couldn’t fall asleep, however, and after a very long time, after midnight, we finally fell asleep.

Disappointingly, three hours later we were woken up by our excited dad. Struggling to wake up, I thought about all the wonderful shops in Paris to motivate me. By four o’clock we were ready to embark in the car, and so we did.

After about half an hour of talking we got bored, so we sang, ‘Forget you,’ to help the time pass quickly. I felt as a lucky as a queen, going to Paris.  I’ve never been there. Thinking this was a dream, I pinched myself, but I was still in the car, so it was real.


In about an hour we were at the port, day-dreaming about Paris. There were five more minutes, so we went outside. Then we got back in the care, prepared out tickets, and drove on the enormous ferry and were amazed …











It was enormous, there were thousands of people and cars and there was a café and loads of shops. From when we got out of the car until we got back in we did loads of things:














1.We ran around.

2.We played snap.

3.Skipped to the shops.

4.Ate some pizza.

We had loads of fun and even brought Jerry (our dog) a leash with the Eiffel Tower on it. Sadly, we had to go back to our car – however on the good side we were in Franc, on our way to Paris.






CHAPTER 2: In Paris (finally)


When we finally got to Paris we understood what they meant on the internet about business and love. Feeling so excited, I burst into sudden tears of joy. Everyone started laughing, including me. Twenty minutes later we got to the hotel, and we were brought some fizzy cola and then went to bed.

The next morning for breakfast we had sticky toast and honey and hot chocolate, which was weird, because I usually have hot chocolate before I go to bed.

Anyway, after breakfast we headed for a sale.  It was huge. First we went to the perfect perfume section with Mum, but then we wanted to go and buy some candy floss which smelt really sweet.

When we got there, we heard rustling.  And then the only thing I remember is me and my sisters in a van and the clear, loud barking of Jerry. I felt in danger.

When we were let out I saw we were being kidnapped and dognapped, so I whispered to Sunset. ‘Tell the other I will think of something, so they shouldn’t worry. ‘

We were really scared. The next day, in the morning, I smelt chicken coming closer, and the smell becoming stronger and finally, our breakfast was served. Drumroll please. It was …








Two pieces of old chicken? For all of us and a very hungry dog?! Also it was served by a suspicious looking man.


We wanted our Mum, my sisters cried, but we decided to share the chicken. After this, we remembered that I had a bag. Unfortunately there was no phone, just a card, so we played some games.  

Suddenly I had it! I had a fabulous escape plan. So I whispered to the others, ‘This might be risky, but it is the only way. When he serves the lunch, I’ll escape to tell people what has happened while you just talk to him so he doesn’t notice me going.

A second later, he came to give lunch, and Sunset started talking to him while I ran outside, and screamed, ‘Help! Call the police!’


CHAPTER 3:  Police!


After a few minutes the police and our parents were there. We all hugged our parents, relieved.


The good news is that the kidnappers got caught!


Everyone was happy. I think everyone felt HAPPINESS today. Everyone did something nice and helpful for someone.


The next morning was a peaceful morning for our family and I found out that we were kidnapped because the men found out that our parents are rich and they wanted to threaten them for money.


But they planned to ask for the money a day later than when the police came.


I wonder when our next adventure will be ...






By Kamal, Prendergast Ladywell Fields College



New York, 2060.  The people of New York are being ruled by an evil dictator, the “I”.  The “I” is named as such because of his advanced form of CCTV surveillance cameras, which are literally EVERYWHERE.  Nobody’s lives are their own.  There is not one place in the whole of New York that isn’t being watched by the “I”.


Main character

16 year old John Joseph, nerd, ordinary person, I.C.T technician who works for the Dictator of New York and is extremely talented in technology.


Chapter One

John was in one of the millions of cubicles in the office working for the “I”. John looked up at the camera that was controlling everybody in New York’s life with a sleepy glare -  and realised the wires were hanging from the camera!  It was broken.


He couldn’t possibly believe his eyes!  For the first time in 46 years a human being would not be on camera!  John took the chance to relax, to be able to taste the sweet freedom of not being watched.  


He could tell that this was not right, he should always feel like this.  That gave John the inspiration to bring down the “I”.




Rounded square
Rounded square Kamal


by Joe, Sacred Heart Primary School


Tick, tock, tick, tock the clock ticked and tocked, ticked and tocked until a bellowing voice could be heard, ‘Joe, get out of that bedroom of yours. It’s like a second home!’


A voice replied, ‘In a second, Mum, I am finding Pi to the last decimal point.’


Mum, wearing a red cardigan and a white top, slammed her ‘Mum’s the best’ mug on the dining table.  Tutting, she turned to her husband and whispered to him, ‘Honestly, that boy spends more time revising than we have had hot meals.’

Bill, with a Welsh accent replied, ‘Calm down, Maura, he is only revising for the end of year exam.’

‘No, Bill, I shall not calm down. You know as much as I do that this is not healthy for someone his age. I’m going to see a children’s psychologist.  This is not child-like behavior. A normal child should be out in the sun,’ shouted Mum.

So Mum called Joe down, and put her coat on.  But no reply.

So she called him again. Still no reply.

So, wearing her snow white coat, she stomped upstairs, sighing.  Reaching Joe’s bedroom, she rattled the handle and then kept rattling, but the door would not budge. So she leaned on the door with her ear against it and said, ‘Joe! Let me in! Let me in!’

After several attempts, she ran downstairs only to find that her husband had gone to sleep watching the F1 on television.  She mumbled to herself, ‘If you want a job done, you’ve got to do it yourself. Men!’

So she fetched the metal ladder which clanged against the radiator on the way out. Trying to get out of the door, she had to scurry like a crab to get through.  Then she put up the ladder against the wall under Joe’s window, kicked off her high heels and started to climb.

At the top of the ladder, she began to regain her balance. Then she peeked through the window.

Her son was quivering at the edge of his bed…


[to be continued]

Cover- Broken Child

by Ingrid Oliver

Prendergast Ladywell Fields College