The work which has come out of ShoutSouth!2013 is a reflection of the wealth of ideas and the creative energy brought to the festival by the children of south London. Each individual showcased piece is not necessarily a finished, polished product nor is it intended to be so. Each piece of work represents one child’s unique exploration into their imagination and reflects their experience of the world of story telling.


Putting the work on the website is a summer long project, so please be patient if your work is not up yet.

mosaic 1 mosaic 2 2013 Untitled

Festival collage

book stall

'has been the best experience ever.I wished it could have gone on for longer... I made some good friends too'

ShoutSouth! LeopardRoom copy copy LionRoom PantherRoom TigerRoom

Click on a big cat to read the stories and view the illustrations and art work

ShoutSouth! 2013

' was fun because there were other schools.'